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Association Anciens Aérodromes

The Former Association Airfields conducts historical research on the airfields in France.
The collection Airfields understand monographs on several existing airfields or dead.
The Atlas collection presents inventories of airfields of the First World War.

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Release of 30/09/2020
Collection Aérodromes n°09

Laid out in June 1931 on a grassed area of ​​900m by 900m, extending over the municipalities of Niergnies and Forenville a few kilometers south of Cambrai. A second platform of operations for... [read more]

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Release of 1/02/2020
Collection Aérodromes n°8

The first aerodrome in Pau was built in 1909 for the first flights of W. WRIGHT. Subsequently, and without interruption to the present day, several aerodromes were installed on the current site of... [read more]

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Release of 30/06/2018
Collection ATLAS N°06

This issue 06 of  Atlas Collection is devoted to the department of Pas-de-Calais where were mainly deployed British troops (BEF) which we describe here a little less than 150 aerodromes. Most... [read more]

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CREIL. Du champ d'Aviation à la Base de Défense.

Release of 30/06/2018
Collection Aérodrome N°07

Like many other airfields of the time, Creil Aerodrome's beginnings are a succession of ephemeral and occasional events, from the first unplanned landing in August 1910 to the DCA site in... [read more]

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ATLAS NORD - Military Airfields. First World War.

Release of 1/09/2017
Collection ATLAS N°05

Before the war of 14-18, the department of the North included a dozen military airfields. Occupied for 4 years for a large part of its territory, the North welcomed more than 200 airfields. The... [read more]

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MERVILLE-CALONNE. Nouvelle Édition ! Histoire d'une ancienne base...

Release of 10/12/2016
Collection Aérodromes n°02 bis

In May 2011, the association published the n ° 2 of its Aerodromes collection devoted to the history of this platform, which is their headquarters. Today this book is exhausted and they chose... [read more]

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Release of 15/06/2016
Collection ATLAS

This is the 4th volume in the Atlas collection and it is dedeicated to the airfields laid in the Aisne. As this "departement" was partly or fully occupied by the Germans, most of the... [read more]

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Release of 10/05/2016
Collection ATLAS

Before the Great War, only three airfields had been built in the Meuse departement, near the three main cities of Bar-le-Duc, Commercy and Verdun. This last town also had a special airfield used... [read more]

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Release of 4/06/2015
Collection Atlas n° 02

[read more]

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Release of 10/12/2014
Collection Aérodromes n°06

Mulhouse-Absheim is one of the oldest airfield in France and it was activated early in the 20th century, when this part of France was German. It was also the place where the Aviatik factory was... [read more]

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LILLE-LESQUIN, d'hier à aujourd'hui.

Release of 1/12/2014
Association Anciens Aérodromes

Reserve Flughaffen Lesquin "in 1917," Seclin Enchemont Aerodrome "in 1937," Lille Air Base "in 1938," Lille-Seclin Airfield "in 1939," Flugplatz Vendeville... [read more]

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Release of 1/06/2014
Collection Atlas n° 01

A book listing all the WW1 airfirelds in the Somme, with maps, data etc... [read more]

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Release of 1/05/2014
Collection Aérodromes n°05.

[read more]

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Release of 1/07/2013
Collection Aérodromes n°04

[read more]

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Release of 1/01/2012
Collection Aérodromes n°03

[read more]

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Release of 1/10/2010
Collection Aérodromes n°01

A detailed history of the once Lille airfield which disappeared in 1940. Many photos. [read more]