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Eagle Aviation

Delay in delivery of titles not edited by LELA Presse may occur. Thank you for your patience, ... More titles you are interested in this collection, I can order them. Contact me on [email protected] or 0032 (0)

Price: 35.00 € Available

F-16 Fighting Falcon. Viper Under The Skin

Release of 12/12/2018

F-16 Fighting Falcon, the “Viper”! The most successful, mightiest and agile fighter in the globe. A true legend of jet aviation that inspired modelers and enthusiasts more than any... [read more]

Price: 28.00 € Available

337 Squadron - 70 years!

Release of 1/12/2018

The story of the legendary Hellenic Air Force Squadron in a new epic book. 96 fully colored pages with rare archive material and dramatic action photography of F-16 operations - hard bound.   [read more]

Price: 30.00 € Available

Mirage 2000 Under The Skin

Release of 1/10/2017

The mighty delta winged fighter exposed in all its glory – probably - for the first time in history! All systems of the venerable Mirage 2000 are pictured down to the last detail, from... [read more]

Price: 32.00 € Available

The end of the film. The illustrious story of 348 Squadron.

Release of 1/09/2017

Eagle Aviation Publications is in the honored position to present a new legendary title: "The end of the film" Commemorating 64 years of Recce excellence the book unveils the... [read more]

Price: 28.00 € Available

RF-4E & F4E Phantom Under The Skin Vol. 2

Release of 10/10/2016

Discover the mighty RF-4E and legacy F-4E Phantom in this new unprecedented “Under The Skin” series book! Volume 2 covers extensively the recce version of the Legend and the... [read more]