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Price: 29.00 € Bientôt en rupture

U-Boote ! La Rochelle 1941-1945, Les sous-marins allemands à la Pallice

Release of 10/05/2019

From November 1941, German submarines arrive at La Pallice after completing their combat mission. Their crews are housed in the town of La Rochelle, the third U-Boote Flotilla's support... [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

La base sous-marine de La Rochelle - La Pallice

Release of 1/02/2019

During the Second World War, La Pallice, commercial port of La Rochelle, was chosen by the German navy to become the home port of its submarines. In order to put these U-Boote away from the... [read more]

Price: 29.00 € Available

U-Boote ! Brest 1943-1944. Des convois de l'Atlantique à la Libération

Release of 1/06/2018

During the first months of 1943, the city of Brest escaped destruction and remains an active city with its inhabitants, while Lorient and Saint-Nazaire are razed by repeated massive bombing. Its... [read more]

Price: 29.00 € Available

U-Boote ! Lorient - Septembre 43 - Mai 45, dernières missions jusqu'à...

Release of 1/11/2015

This 4th and last volume on the history of German submarines in Lorient will detail their last missions from September 1943 to Brazil, the Caribbean, the African coasts and especially the Indian... [read more]

Price: 29.00 € Available

U-Boote ! Lorient - Juin 40 - Juin 41, le premier « âge d'or »

Release of 1/09/2015

In just over four years, from July 7, 1940 to September 9, 1944, the port of Lorient saw 203 different U-Boote and two Japanese submarines. Up to 27 stopped at the same time at the end of March -... [read more]

Price: 29.00 € Available

U-Boote ! Lorient - Août 42 - Août 43, combats sur tous les océans

Release of 1/09/2013

This book, which will make you discover the fate of the 92 German submarines passed by Lorient from August 1942 to August 1943, is punctuated by 15 unpublished testimonies of submariners on life... [read more]

Price: 29.00 € Available

Raid sur Saint-Nazaire - Opération Chariot

Release of 1/02/2012

On the night of March 27-28, 1942, a British flotilla including a destroyer and 18 speedboats entered the middle of the port of Saint Nazaire occupied by the German navy since the summer of 1940.... [read more]

Price: 29.00 € Out of stock, waiting back order

U-Boote ! Brest 1940-1942, la tanière des 1ère et 9e flottilles 01...

Release of 1/09/2011

From August 1940 to September 1944, the port of Brest received 134 different U-Bootes, as well as 2 Italian and 1 Japanese submarines. At the height of the battle in March 43, they will be up to... [read more]

Price: 10.00 € Available

Guide souvenir : la base sous-marine de Saint-Nazaire

Release of 1/03/2011

During the Second World War, Saint-Nazaire was one of five French ports chosen by the Germans on the Atlantic coast to become the home port of their submarines. In order to put these U-Boote away... [read more]

Price: 29.00 € Available

U-Boote ! Lorient - Juillet 41 - Juillet 42, cap sur les côtes américaines

Release of 1/09/2010

This book will make you discover the history of the 78 German submarines passed by the port of Lorient from July 41 to July 42. It will explain the major phases of the Battle of the Atlantic to... [read more]

Price: 10.00 € Out of stock, waiting back order

Guide Souvenir - La Base de sous-marins de Lorient Epuisé

Release of 1/03/2008

During the Second World War, the German navy will build five submarine bases on the French Atlantic coast in Brest, Lorient, St. Nazaire, La Pallice and Bordeaux. These 5 bases will have in 1943... [read more]

Price: 25.00 € Available

Saint-Nazaire 1939-1940

Release of 1/09/2004

What is happening in the region of Saint-Nazaire from September 1939 to December 1940? How is the reception of the evacuees after the declaration of war? What is the defense system put in place by... [read more]