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Swedish publisher recognized in his profession.

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Price: 34.00 € Bientôt en rupture

LUFTWAFFE PILOTS IN WORLD WAR II : The Veterans' Stories Vol. 1

Release of 1/11/2019

What was it like to be a pilot in Hitler’s Luftwaffe during World War II? In this book, the veterans themselves provide the answer. Author Christer Bergström enjoys a reputation as one... [read more]

Price: 57.00 € Out of stock, waiting back order

Black Cross Red Star - Air War Over the Eastern Front : Vol. 4, Stalingrad to...

Release of 25/09/2019

Regarded as the standard work on the air war over the Eastern Front during World War II, Christer Bergström’s unique Black Cross/Red Star series covers the history of the air war on the... [read more]

Price: 15.00 € Available

DAISY - The History of a C-47/DC-3 in World War II and the Men who Flew it

Release of 1/06/2019

This is the thrilling story of a C-47 Skytrain which flew over Normandy and during Operation Market Garden in World War II. The book also goes into detail with the men who flew it, and what they... [read more]