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A series of Japanese softbound books depicting famous aircraft. Every volume provides a host of details : camouflage and markings, photo-details of rebuilt machines, old photos, colour profiles, scale drawings. Bilingual text and captions Japanese/English.

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La Luftwaffe en France 1939-1945 - Tome 1

Release of 30/09/2020

To be released September 30, 2020 (If you order multiple books with this book, the entire order will be put on hold) In 1939, when it was barely five years old, the German military air force,... [read more]

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The Westland Lysander - A Technical Guide

Release of 15/09/2020

This ninth title in the Airframe Detail series will be an essential companion for anyone tackling the new Dora Wings (or old Airfix, Matchbox or Pavla) 1/72nd, Eduard/Gavia (or old Testors) 1/48th... [read more]

Price: 24.00 € Out of stock, waiting back order

Wings of the Black Cross Special N°03 Messerschmitt Bf 109

Release of 10/09/2020

Presenting the third installment of the Wings of the Black Cross (WOTBC) Special Series. Special Number Three explores the design and history of Willi Messerschmitt’s iconic World War II... [read more]

Price: 12.80 € Available


Release of 3/09/2020
Les loups de Linz

Castor, French pilot of the French Naval Aviation, deployed with his air group in Transbaltie (fictitious country of Eastern Europe), meets during his missions a young interpreter, Milena. A... [read more]

Price: 22.50 € Available

Hurricane MkI (Wingleader Photo Archive Number 3)

Release of 1/09/2020
Wingleader Photo Archive N°3

For quite a few years, Simon Parry and Mark Postlethwaite have been building up a huge library of original WWII aviation photos, partly as a hobby but mainly to help provide photos for the books... [read more]

Price: 11.00 € Available

Scale Plans No. 66. Republic F-105 Thunderchief 1/72 Scale

Release of 1/09/2020

Scale plans for aero modellers in 1/72 scale of the Republic F-105 Thunderchief fighter aircraft, featuring eight A3 size scale plans of the different versions. [read more]

Price: 21.00 € Available

Battle Of Britain Defenders

Release of 1/09/2020

This book presents detailed illustrations of the aircraft that defended the UK skies during the Battle of Britain: the Hawker Hurricane Mk.I and the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I. The book contains 40... [read more]

Price: 54.00 € En Précommande

Black Cross Red Star - Air War Over the Eastern Front : Vol. 5. The Great Air...

Release of 15/08/2020

Available September 15th ! This book series is the only detailed and objective account of the epic air war over the Eastern Front during World War II. Regarded as the standard work on the air... [read more]

Price: 20.50 € Available

Lublin R-XIII : Army Cooperation Plane.

Release of 14/08/2020

The Lublin R-XIII was the Polish army cooperation plane, designed in the early-1930s in the Plage i Laśkiewicz factory in Lublin. Since 1927, they started working on their own prototypes. Those... [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

Fiat C.R. 42.

Release of 14/08/2020
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7102

In issue number 7102, you will discover blueprints of the famous FIAT CR.42 at three classic scales: 1 / 72nd, 1 / 48th and 1 / 32nd. With 12 color profiles and three A2 1/24 scale leaflets. [read more]

Price: 23.00 € Available

DUKE HAWKINS - Ships in detail N°001 : JUAN CARLOS I Aircraft Carrier Of the...

Release of 5/08/2020
H.M.H Publications

The first book in a new book series by HMH Publications. This series, on aircraft carriers, starts with a close look at the Spanish Aircraft Carrier Juan Carlos I. This book includes action and... [read more]

Price: 25.00 € Available

N°1043 - In the gallant days of swing wing fighter planes

Release of 2/08/2020

A magazine dedicated to the Sukhoi Su-17/22 Fitter, Sukhoi SU - 24 Fencer et Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG - 23 / 27- among other models [read more]

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Vessel Model Special F-14 Tomcat Detail Photograph Collection (Book)

Release of 1/08/2020

Complete reproduction of the F-14 Tomcat. Large collection of detailed photos. It's been 14 years since the F-14 Tomcat retired from the US Navy. However, the F-14 is still a popular fighter... [read more]

Price: 11.00 € Available

Single N°22 - Morane Saulnier MS.406

Release of 24/07/2020
MMP - Série SINGLE N°22

A compilation for aerodynamic modelers of 4-view color profiles, plans and photographic details of the Morane Saulnier MS.406 with 1/72 and 1/48 plans as well as drawings of technical war manuals. [read more]

Price: 30.00 € Available

Nachtjagd Combat Archive - 1944 - Part 3

Release of 20/07/2020
Wing Leader

Red Kite are proud to announce the launch of 1944 Part THREE (12 MAY -23 JULY 1944) in the continuing book series that will prove essential for not only Luftwaffe historians but also anyone with... [read more]

Price: 44.00 € Out of stock, waiting back order

Yugoslav Fighter Colours 1918-1941. Volume 1

Release of 14/07/2020
MMP - Série WHITE 9141

This first volume describes in detail the camouflage and markings of the day fighters used by the Yugoslav Air Force from 1918 to 1941. Aircraft of Yugoslav, British, German, Czech and French... [read more]

Price: 54.00 € Available

The Forgotten Ace Fighter Pilot Gerhard Barkhorn. Reissue !

Release of 10/07/2020
Luftfahrtverlag Start

Second edition. Despite the fact that Gerhard Barkhorn scored a total of 301 victories while flying with Jagdgeschwader 52 on the Eastern Front, making him the second most successful fighter pilot... [read more]

Price: 18.75 € Available

North American P-51 Mustang

Release of 10/07/2020

This issue describes the assembly of the Tamiya (1/72) and Meng (1/48) kits of the famous US WW2 fighter. With some colour profiles. [read more]

Price: 25.00 € Available

N°1037 - Avro LANCASTER - Tomcat Squadrons

Release of 10/07/2020

[read more]

Price: 19.00 € Out of stock, waiting back order

Junkers Ju 88 G

Release of 8/07/2020
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7101

Line drawings of the famous night fighter in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scales ; also contains colour profiles. [read more]