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The unavoidable collection of historical works on general themes. Rich in photos, color profiles, plans, diagrams. Hardcover books of a hard cover, between 150 and 500 pages depending on the subject. Indispensable in your library.

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Price: 29.50 € Available

L'AÉROSTATION de l'Armée de l'Air - 1934-1946. Les unités,...

Release of 19/06/2019
Collection Histoire de l'Aviation N°40

Few people know that in 1939-1940, 1,000 Air Force airmen took part in war operations against Germany: 49 observation companies were dedicated to large land units on the North and East fronts and... [read more]

Price: 39.00 € Available


Release of 19/12/2018
Collection Histoire de L'Aviation N°39

In 1908 Neighbor and America the Wright were the only ones to build machines that really flew. In 1910 Voisin was still at the same level as Blériot, REP, Saulnier, and even above. Then... [read more]

Price: 64.00 € Not available

Du Fw 190 au NC 900. Usines souterraines et blindées en France. Out of print !

Release of 5/11/2018
Collection Histoire de L'Aviation N°28

From the hasty implementation of the French program of underground and armored factories in 1939 to the return to service of German planes abandoned at the end of the war, including the Focke-Wulf... [read more]

Price: 59.00 € Available

SAMOURAÏ sur Porte-avions - Tome II.

Release of 30/05/2017

First published in 2006 and quickly sold out, the first edition of "Carrier-borne Samurai" has been unavailable for some time and, in our opinion, has long deserved a new edition. Which... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € Available

Carrier-borne SAMOURAÏ - Tome I .

Release of 9/03/2017

First published in 2006 and quickly sold out, the first edition of "Carrier-borne Samurai" has been unavailable for some time and, in our opinion, has long deserved a new edition. Which... [read more]

Price: 59.00 € Available

LES AVIONS BREGUET. Vol.2 - Le règne du Monoplan.

Release of 22/03/2016
Collection Histoire de l'Aviation n°36

With chief engineer Vullierme having been replaced by Georges Ricard (and assigned a new post in the helicopter subsidiary), Louis Breguet began to heed the call of modernity. After 1933 he... [read more]

Price: 59.00 € Available

Breguet aeroplanes Volume I - the biplane era.

Release of 13/01/2016
Collection Histoire de l'Aviation n°34

An engineer by profession, Louis Breguet started his career in electrical construction but after 1905 moved into aeronautics and airplanes. He took his first tentative steps in design and... [read more]

Price: 59.00 € Available

GUADALCANAL, Cactus Air Force against Imperial Navy. Vol.02.

Release of 1/10/2015

The second volume of Guadalcanal: Cactus Air Force against Imperial Navy describes the preparation and execution of the third against attack Japanese why, this time, Tokyo undertook drastic... [read more]

Price: 59.00 € Available

GUADALCANAL, Cactus Air Force contre Marine Impériale. Vol.01.

Release of 21/04/2015
Histoire de l'Aviation n°31

No need to introduce the author, Bernard Baeza, whose reliability and sense of historical accuracy has been demonstrated through its two previous books. With Guadalcanal: Cactus Air Force against... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € Available

MIRAGE III/5/50, en service à l'étranger. Tome 4.

Release of 28/01/2014
Histoire de l'Aviation n°33

More than 1,400 aircraft built, besides the Israeli manufacturing, 70% of production exported, the Delta Dassault is an undeniable technical and commercial success. With the Caravelle and the... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € Not available

MORANE-SAULNIER. Ses avions, ses projets. Out of print !

Release of 27/02/2013
Histoire de l'Aviation n°30

Morane-Saulnier is one of the oldest French aircraft manufacturers. As such, he deserved this book of 432 pages we propose Henri Lacaze, who was fascinated by the history of the firm of Puteaux.... [read more]

Price: 75.00 € 37.50 € Available

L'Aviation Française en Indochine. 1910-1945.

Release of 10/06/2012
Histoire de l'Aviation n°21

The colonial war in Indochina is well known. Not so well known is the history of French aviation in the Far East. Thanks to new archive material and aided by many former crews, the authors present... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € Not available

V.1 - weapon of despair - Out of print !

Release of 10/06/2011
Histoire de l'Aviation n° 29.

This is a superb new edition of a much-praised work first published in 2006 and long since sold-out! This 2011 version which includes 60 new plans, 514 new photos and 20% more text (French... [read more]

Price: 65.00 € 32.50 € Available

The Aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Army. Rest 45 copies then out of print !

Release of 7/04/2011
Histoire de l'Aviation n° 25

A comprehensive account of Imperial Japanese Army aircraft from its beginnings until final defeat in 1945. Richly illustrated, this volume is replete with many unpublished or rarely seen... [read more]

Price: 62.00 € 31.00 € Available

LES ROIS DU CIEL : Les Douglas DC-1 à DC-7.

Release of 10/02/2011
Histoire de l'Aviation n° 27

We still offer the Postage for all orders until February 11, 2011 ... Offer available to individuals. Rene Francillon, author of numerous books aeronautical needs no introduction to our readers.... [read more]

Price: 42.00 € Not available

Les Français dans le Bomber Command, Sept.43/Oct.45. Out of print !

Release of 8/06/2010
Collection Histoire de l'Aviation n°26.

This book relates the unknown story of the French heavy bomber groups in the RAF services, from 1943 to 1945 while they were equipment with the famous Halifax. Many unknown material and nice... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € Not available

Curtiss H-75 in Armée de l'Air service. Out of print !

Release of 15/03/2008
Histoire de l'Aviation n°22

The Curtiss H-75 was among the most effective fighters of the Armée de l'Air during World War  2, highly manoeuvrable & able to take on and beat the Me 109 in combat as the... [read more]

Price: 59.00 € Not available

Soleil Levant sur l'Australie. Out of print !

Release of 15/03/2008
Histoire de l'Aviation n°19

A brand new account of the air battles over Australia between the Allied and Japanese air forces. The author presents a mass of new archive both from Australia and Japan. Many photos and colour... [read more]

Price: 80.00 € Not available

The Bloch MB-152. out of print !

Release of 10/03/2003
Aviation history collection n°13

 This fighter was one of the modern aircraft in service with the Armée de l'Air in 1940. It was developed by the world famous Marcel Bloch; or Dassault as he was known post-war;... [read more]

Price: 60.00 € Not available

Le Morane-Saulnier MS 406 . Out of print !

Release of 15/11/2002
Histoire de l'Aviation n° 05

 The MS 406 was the most numerous French Air Force fighter during the May-June 1940 campaign. The AVIONS team has published a fine tribute to this aircraft. Although a somewhat outmoded... [read more]