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Price: 29.95 € Available

The Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen. Reissue !

Release of 25/03/2019

The German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen in details. Discover this famous warship thanks the 3D drawings with special glasses. 1/350 Scale drawings incl. [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

The Russian ASW Guided Missile Cruiser Petropavlovsk

Release of 25/03/2019
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7074

Booklet of line scale drawings of the Russian guided-missile cruiser. With many details. [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Battleship HMS Rodney

Release of 25/03/2019
KAGERO - 3D N°16070

Booklet illustrated with tens of 3D drawings, showing the famous HMS Rodney in all her aspects in 1942. Very suitable to the ship modeller. [read more]

Price: 23.00 € Available


Release of 15/03/2019
Luftfahrtverlag Start

50 pages with 66 photos - thereof 10 in colour, 1 coloured document, 1 coloured conning tower frontviews, 3 coloured emblems, 2 coloured maps, Readers Forum Summary : - Boat in Focus: Photo... [read more]

Price: 17.50 € Available


Release of 12/03/2019
ShipCraft 25

The ‘ShipCraft’ series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book takes the modeller through a brief... [read more]

Price: 31.50 € Available

U-Boots' escape to South America. Secret Of The Gray Wolves.

Release of 28/02/2019

A captivating story of German submarines that fled to Argentina on the eve of the Third Reich’s capitulation, unwilling to surrender to the Allies. The authors of the book discovered numerous... [read more]

Price: 23.00 € Available

MODEL ART N°71 - YAMATO Last Stand

Release of 15/02/2019

This issue is dedicated to the last stand of the giant battleship Yamato on April 7, 1945 and it is really an exceptional issue by the quality of the reviewed kits. All of them depict ships which... [read more]

Price: 41.00 € Available

Battleships Of The Third Reich Vol. 2.

Release of 13/02/2019

The second and final volume which tells the stories of, and illustrates, all the German battleships that were in Kriegsmarine service during WWII. The author describes the history of the ships in... [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

German Battlecruisers 1910-1919.

Release of 1/02/2019

The German "Battle-Cruiser," originally known as the "Large Cruiser," was the final evolution of the Armored Cruiser. The Imperial German Navy built a smaller number of these... [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Rupture, en attente de réapprovisionnement

La base sous-marine de La Rochelle - La Pallice

Release of 1/02/2019

During the Second World War, La Pallice, commercial port of La Rochelle, was chosen by the German navy to become the home port of its submarines. In order to put these U-Boote away from the... [read more]

Price: 23.00 € Available

The British Hunt-class Escort Destroyer HMS Badsworth

Release of 13/01/2019
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7069

Booklet including line scale drwaings and details of the British Hunt-class destroyer. [read more]

Price: 15.50 € Available

Naval Archives vol. 10 - Super-destroyers of the Sovremenny Type.

Release of 11/01/2019
KAGERO - Naval Archines N°10

A very interesting issue which main part is dedicated to the submarines in 2 articles : The AG type submarines in the Russian and Soviet navies and the Italian submarines in the Red Sea 1940-1941.... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Battleship HMS Prince of Wales

Release of 11/01/2019
KAGERO - 3D N°16069

Again fantastic 3D renders are covering all the aspects and details of the famous Royal Navy battleship HMS Prince of Wales whiwh was sunk on December 10th, 1941 by aircraft of the IJN. Very nice... [read more]

Price: 31.95 € Available

Hunt-class Destroyers In Polish Navy Service

Release of 10/12/2018

A very exotic and interesting book indded whiwh deals with the untold story of the British Hunt-class destroyers transfered to the Polish navy in exile during WW2. Very detailed text, with many... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Japanese Destroyer Suzutsuki

Release of 10/12/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16068

This new booklet describes with manu colour 3D renders the IJN destroyer Suzutsuki. 12 units of this class could be terminated before the end of the war. The Suzutsuki escorted the giant... [read more]

Price: 23.00 € Available

The Guided-missile Frigate ORP Kościuszko

Release of 10/12/2018
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7065

Booklet with line scale drawings of the Polish navy guided-missile frigate of the "Perry" class. [read more]

Price: 23.00 € Available

MODEL ART N°70 - The Battles of the Coral Sea.

Release of 20/11/2018

The famous Battle of the Coral Sea is the main subject of this issue, depicting the ships which took part on either side : carriers, destroyers etc. Another article reviews the new 1/350 scale... [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

The Japanese destroyer Shimakaze

Release of 13/11/2018
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7062

- 24 pages - drawings sheets A4 - drawings sheet A2 - Matte coated paper - Format (sizes): A4 (210x297 mm) - Booklet binding [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Russian Destroyer Spravedlivyy - 1956.

Release of 13/11/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16067

The destroyer Spravedlivyy was constructed in the Severniy Sudostroitelniy Zavod imeni A.A. Zhdanova (Shipyard No. 190) in 1954–1956 as one of 27 Project 56 destroyers, also known as the... [read more]

Price: 11.00 € Available

Ship Plans N°03 - IJN Destroyers Matsu Class.

Release of 5/11/2018

Scale plans in 1/700, 1/350 and 1/200 of the IJN Destroyers Matsu Class. A3 size pages in A4 pb. [read more]