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The Japanese Battleship Kirishima 1940

Release of 21/10/2019
KAGERO - 3D N°16074

In 1902, Japan signed an Alliance Pact with Britain, which was then a leading sea power. It ordered modern ships at British shipyards, and Japanese shipyards were to co-operate. After the new... [read more]

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Release of 15/09/2019

Austro-Hungarian submarines appeared late on the world´ scene and many of these were small and/or obsolete, but in spite of this they were successfully operating on the Adriatic and in the... [read more]

Price: 19.50 € Available

Les Marins français du Jour J. FNFL - Normandie 44.

Release of 10/09/2019
Editions HEIMDAL

June 4, 1944, 18:30, South of England. Liaison officers board twenty-two French vessels. Locked up with the commanders, they give them a large sealed envelope. From the departure of the English,... [read more]

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French Armoured Cruisers. 1887 - 1932.

Release of 4/09/2019
Seaforth Publishing

Of all the threats faced by the Royal Navy during the first years of the twentieth century, the one which stood out was the risk to Britain’s sea lines of communication posed by... [read more]

Price: 24.00 € Available

MODEL ART N°73 - IJN battleship at the beginning of Pacific War.

Release of 1/09/2019

This issue is mainly dedicated to the IJN battleships at the beginning of the Pacific War, of course through the most impressive scale models you can find. The famous Yamato also appears in this... [read more]

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Imperial Japanese Navy Type B-1 Submarine. I-15 (1939) and I-37 (1943)

Release of 30/08/2019
KAGERO - 3D N°16073

Booklet about the large IJN submarines I-15 and I-37 which were orginally designed as cruiser submarines and embarked a small Yokosuka E14Y1 seaplane launched by catapult. later, the I-37 took... [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

The Russian Cruiser Varyag

Release of 30/08/2019
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7081

Very precise plans at 1/200 & 1/100, as well as color profiles of the VARYAG Cruiser. With two leaflets of plans and profils color 1/400 1/100 & 1/72. [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

Skoryi-class Destroyer

Release of 30/08/2019
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7082

Very precise shots as well as color profiles of the Skoryi-class Destroyer. With two leaflets of plans and color profiles at 1/200 & 1 / 100 scale. [read more]

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The Brandenburg - class Battleships 1890-1918

Release of 19/07/2019
KAGERO - 3D N°16072

A very interesting booklet about the very first Imperial German Navy pre-dreadnought ships, the four battleships of the Brandenburg class. Contains many views of the multiple details of the ships... [read more]

Price: 24.75 € Available

Italian Vittorio Veneto-Class Battleships

Release of 19/07/2019

Book about the Italian Navy battleships of the Vittorio Veneto class which describes their whole development and career but also the battleship evolution in Italy. This book is widely illustrated... [read more]

Price: 23.00 € Available


Release of 15/07/2019
Luftfahrtverlag Start

50 pages with 51 photos - thereof 1 in colour, 3 coloured emblems, 1 coloured document, 2 coloured conning tower frontviews, 4 coloured maps, Readers Forum - Commanders: Kptlt. Friedrich... [read more]

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U-172. Avec Carl Emmermann dans les Caraïbes, au Cap et à Rio.

Release of 30/06/2019
Editions HEIMDAL

When the U-172, commanded by Carl Emmermann, leaves the port of Kiel on April 22, 1942, the second ostentation period of the German submarine weapon ends with the setting up of convoys by the... [read more]

Price: 33.50 € Available

Battlecruiser REPULSE. Detailed in Original Builders' Plans.

Release of 24/06/2019
Seafort Publishing

The technical details of British warships were recorded in a set of plans produced by the builders on completion of every ship. Known as the ‘as fitted’ general arrangements, these... [read more]

Price: 55.90 € Available

British Submarines in Two World Wars

Release of 24/06/2019
Seafort Publishing

Although the Royal Navy did not invent the submarine, Norman Friedman’s new book demonstrates how innovative the service was, to an extent which few will recognise. Its submarines performed... [read more]

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The Japanese Battleship Hyuga

Release of 6/06/2019
KAGERO - 3D N°16071

Battleship Hyuga, sister-ship of the Ise, is most famous because she was rebuilt in 1943 as an aircraft-carrier but this booklet describes the ship before the Pacific war. Very nice ! [read more]

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MODEL ART N°72 - Modeling & Painting Techniques

Release of 2/06/2019

Model Art takes us agin into the wonderful world of the ship modelling. The very first article about the Tirpitz (1/350) itself is a wonder, just as is the kit of the I-68. Very nice issue again ;... [read more]

Price: 39.90 € Rupture, en attente de réapprovisionnement


Release of 1/06/2019

The book of the already acclaimed author, Zvonimir Freivogel, is aimed at describing the operations in the Adriatic Sea, but also in the Mediterranean, between the outbreak of the World War I in... [read more]

Price: 39.00 € Available

The Last British Battleship. HMS Vanguard,1946-1960.

Release of 20/05/2019
Seafort Publishing

The ninth HMS Vanguard, bearing one of the most illustrious names in the Royal Navy with honours from the Armada to Jutland, was the last and largest of Britain’s battleships and was... [read more]

Price: 29.00 € Available

U-Boote ! La Rochelle 1941-1945, Les sous-marins allemands à la Pallice

Release of 10/05/2019

From November 1941, German submarines arrive at La Pallice after completing their combat mission. Their crews are housed in the town of La Rochelle, the third U-Boote Flotilla's support... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen. Reissue !

Release of 25/03/2019
KAGERO - 3D N°16025

The German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen in details. Discover this famous warship thanks the 3D drawings with special glasses. 1/350 Scale drawings incl. [read more]