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Collection Histoire des Unités

Here, in this collection, are books on the history of a unit, at a given period. Often during the Second World War. Soft cover, between 200 and 300 pages. The story is often accompanied by hundreds of photos, color profiles. Exciting documentation.

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Price: 35.00 € Available

La Stukageschwader 2 'Immelmann'. Tome 02

Release of 7/06/2020
Collection Histoire des Unités n°11

After the Battle of Kursk, the German units engaged in the east could only fight obstinately in an attempt to delay the inevitable advance of the Soviet steamroller. Like the other ground support... [read more]

Price: 43.00 € Available

La Lehrgeschwader 1, l'Escadre au Griffon. Tome 02

Release of 29/05/2020
Collection Histoire des Unités n°08.

The Lehrgeschwader 1 engaged in the Mediterranean from the beginning of 1941 against the British forces had very quickly been respected by its opponents (whether they were of the Navy or the... [read more]

Price: 49.00 € Available

La Jagdgeschwader 54 : Les Aigles au 'coeur vert' de la Luftwaffe....

Release of 30/04/2020
Collection Histoire des Unités n°09.

2nd part of the history of the Jagdgeschwader 54. While the fate of the war in the East was being played out at the beginning of 1943, the wing with the "Green Heart" saw its III. Gruppe... [read more]

Price: 35.00 € Not available

Le III./Zerstörergeschwader 26 - 1939/1944. Out of print

Release of 9/01/2020
Collection Histoire des Unités n°12.

It may seem surprising in the context of an air unit history to detach a group from its squadron. However, the III./ZG 26, which started the Second World War on Bf 109, had a very independent... [read more]

Price: 38.00 € Available

Le GC III/3 en 1939-1940. Condors et Pirates au combat.

Release of 15/05/2019
Collection Histoire des Unités n°13.

Created in the spring of 1939, the hunting group III / 3 will hardly have the time to train that the declaration of war will make him leave Burgundy to join his field of campaign. A tragedy during... [read more]

Price: 39.00 € Not available

Le 350 (Belgian) Squadron. Out of print !

Release of 20/12/2018
Collection Histoire des Unités n°06

Unpublished and for the first time published, discover this extremely interesting subject illustrated by beautiful photos! Created in response to the desire of the Belgian government in exile in... [read more]

Price: 39.00 € Available

La Stukageschwader 2 'Immelmann'. Tome 01

Release of 30/10/2018
Collection Histoire des Unités n°10.

The second Luftwaffe dive bombing squadron, the St.G. 2, was very quickly referred to as 'Hans-Ulrich Rudel's Unit' as early as 1945. If this aviator marked the squadron of his... [read more]

Price: 36.00 € Available

Le GC 1/55. La dernière garde gouvernementale. 1940.

Release of 29/03/2018
Collection Histoire des Unités n°03.

For the first time is updated the complete history of the 1/55 hunting group in May-June 1940. 200 pages to discover his extraordinary career. The constitution of DAT patrols of Etampes, Tours,... [read more]

Price: 49.00 € Not available

La Jagdgeschwader 54 : Les Aigles au 'coeur vert' de la Luftwaffe....

Release of 9/12/2017

Part one of a new French-language history of Jagdgeschwader 54, one of the best-known fighter units of the Luftwaffe. Philippe Saintes’ new history of this unit is illustrated with hundreds... [read more]

Price: 39.00 € Available

La Lehrgeschwader 1, the Griffon Geschwader. Vol.01

Release of 10/11/2017

Lehrgeschwader 1 (Experimental or ‘demonstration’ Bombing Wing 1) was one of the first units established in the new Luftwaffe shortly after 1933.  Primarily equipped with the He... [read more]

Price: 39.00 € 19.50 € Available

La Kampfgeschwader 100. L'Escadre au Drakkar (1938-1944).

Release of 10/06/2015

The KG 100 remains a unit still mysterious although having experienced some "celebrity" in 1943 when sending by the bottom of the Italian battleship "Roma" by means of Hs 293,... [read more]

Price: 35.00 € Not available

Furies et Crocodiles : Morane au combat dans la Bataille de France. Le GC...

Release of 10/06/2015

The Fighter Group III / 7 was certainly not the unit that won the largest number of wins during the dramatic period from September 1939 to June 1940. However, its pilots and ground staff were... [read more]

Price: 25.00 € 12.50 € Available

THE EYE OF THE ARMY 7th. The GR 1/35 from September 1939 to June.

Release of 17/12/2013
Collection Histoire des Unités n°02.

The Reconnaissance Group 1/35, attached to the Seventh French Army, was a great unit that served with great distinction during operations against Germany from September 1939 to June 1940. Equipped... [read more]