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Price: 59.95 € Bientôt en rupture

The Battleship TIRPITZ. Vol.04 - Against the allied convoys (1942 July / 1943...

Release of 8/06/2018

After the sortie of the TIRPITZ against the Allied convoy PQ12 in March 1942 had failed, the German Kriegsmarine desperately needed a successful deployment of their surface units in order to... [read more]

Price: 59.95 € Available

The Battleship TIRPITZ. Vol. 3. First actions in Norway. (1942 / January - July)

Release of 1/04/2017

This third volume illustrates the deployment of the TIRPITZ to Norway and the stationing in the Trondheim area. Both the high quality and quantity of the hitherto unpublished photo material... [read more]

Price: 59.95 € Available

The Battleship TIRPITZ. Vol. 2. Ready for combat. (1941-May / 1942-January).

Release of 4/04/2015

The second volume presented particular challenges with regard to specifying dates and locations, since the nearly four months between April 01 and July 20 of 1941 needed to be reconstructed... [read more]

Price: 59.95 € Rupture, en attente de réapprovisionnement

The Battleship TIRPITZ. Vol.01 - The "beast" is born. (Oct.1936 /...

Release of 2/04/2014

This first volume of a series addresses both building and fitting-out of the largest and most powerful European battleship of WWII. For this purpose, hitherto unpublished photographic material in... [read more]