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Lela Presse is a French publisher specialising in the fields of maritime & aviation history.

Since 1993 we have built our reputation via some of the most critically acclaimed publications in our field and have become a market leader in France. Our team of authors, researchers and contributors from around the world consistently produce high quality work on subjects that are unlikely to be featured elsewhere. Here on the site we look forward to being of service and sharing our passion for aviation and naval history. Order our bi-monthly magazine Avions, our Hors Série special editions, our quarterly Batailles Aériennes air campaign series and our acclaimed collection of aviation history reference books via our industry-standard SSL secure encryption ordering service. Your payment arrives directly at our account with the CREDIT DU NORD bank.

If you have a passion for aviation & maritime history come and discover for yourself some of our new young authors and their superlative work... On behalf of all the team I wish you happy reading!

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