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Rare documentation on aircraft of World War 1st, accurate and well documented. Small run for this collection, this explains the high prices!

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Price: 13.20 € Available

Windsock Datafile - 94. Caudron G.3

Release of 1/07/2002

ANOTHER classic French type with excellent photos, scale plans in two scales,colour profiles and full service history. The classic French 'lattice-tail' is covered with detailed 1:48... [read more]

Price: 25.00 € Available

Windsock Specials - FOKKER D. VII. Vol.3

Release of 1/05/2002

The third volume profiles Albatros-built D.VIIs with new 1:48/1:72 scale plans and many cowl, stencil, cross and markings' sketches. Plus eight pages of exciting new colour art profiling... [read more]

Price: 22.50 € Available

Windsock Specials - Sopwith Camel Squadrons

Release of 1/08/2001

Details the famous Sopwith Camel fighter. In 60 packed pages, Les Rogers provides details of over 40 RFC/RNAS/RAF/USAS Camel units supported by 216 photos and almost 100 individual colour... [read more]

Price: 22.00 € Bientôt en rupture

Windsock Specials - SE5/5a Squadrons

Release of 1/11/2000

Author Les Rogers brings together his extensive knowledge and archive database to present this densely - illustrated unit-by-unit coverage of the famous fighters. With scores of rare photos and... [read more]

Price: 22.00 € Available

Windsock Specials - FOKKER D. VII. Vol.02

Release of 1/01/2000

Contributions from leading experts with 68 pages including 25 new colour side profiles and 13 plan views showcasing D.VIIs of Jastas 24, 26, 27, 28W, 29, 30, 32b, 33, 34b, 35b, 36, 37, 40, 43, 45... [read more]

Price: 21.00 € Available

Windsock Specials - FOKKER D. VII. Vol.1

Release of 1/12/1997

68 pages packed with reference, 5 pages of all new GAs, over 130 photos, 10 airframe sketches, cockpit sketches and drawings, 11 mono profiles, 21 all-new colour side profiles plus extra scrap... [read more]

Price: 25.00 € Bientôt en rupture

Windsock Specials - Richthofen

Release of 1/11/1995

This is a superb record of Germany's leading fighter pilot, which also includes detailed appendices and notes. There are 203 photos (many hitherto unpublished) that trace the Baron's WWI... [read more]

Price: 16.50 € Available

Windsock Specials - Nieuport Fighters Volume 2

Release of 1/04/1994

The second of two volumes. Nieuports 17bis, 24, 25 and 27. 48 pages (6 in colour) with 12 colour profiles, over 7 pages of drawings, 90 archive photos and 10 close-ups. The ideal partner to Volume... [read more]

Price: 16.50 € Available

Windsock Specials - Nieuport Fighters Volume 1

Release of 1/10/1993

The first of two volumes. Nieuports 11, 16, 17, 21 and 23. 52 pages (10 in colour) with over 15 colour close-ups and over 20 sparkling profiles of Inter-national Nieuports. 6 pages of drawings, 85... [read more]

Price: 16.50 € Available

Windsock Specials - RAF SE5a

Release of 1/03/1993

This stunning 48 page reference provides unmatched detail for the classic WWI fighter as flown by the top aces Mannock, Bishop and Rhys-Davids to name but a few. 68 archive photos, 68 close-ups... [read more]

Price: 13.20 € Available

Windsock Datafile - 32. Spad 13.C1

Release of 1/03/1992

Superb GAs, 66 archive photos, 31 close-ups, detailed camouflage drawings based on archive material, a kit survey and Jack M Bruce's authoritative text combine to create a Datafile classic as... [read more]

Price: 16.60 € Available

Windsock Datafile - 26. Sopwith Camel

Release of 1/03/1991

Jack M Bruce's Datafile is now in its third printing; scores of great photos, scale plans and a double page cutaway offer the ultimate Camel reference! [read more]

Price: 13.20 € Available

Windsock Datafile - 22. Sopwith Triplane

Release of 1/06/1990

Another classic fighter design from the Sopwith factory, the nimble triplane, the favourite of many pilots, is extensively documented by Jack M Bruce. 53 archive photos, 41 close-ups and 5... [read more]

Price: 7.00 € Available

Windsock Mini Datafile - 05 - MORANE-SAULNIER Type AI

Web exclusive!
Release of 1/02/1990

Racy high wing late war French monoplane fighter of striking design. This highly informative study comprises 16 pages packed with data, 23 rare archive photos and over four pages of scale... [read more]

Price: 22.00 € Available

Windsock Specials - Gotha !

Release of 1/01/1980

IN  this unique book, Germany's most well -known bombing aeroplane is fully documented. 20 pages of 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings detailing the Gotha G.II, G.II, G.VI and G.Vb,... [read more]