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HARPIA Publishing, L.L.C.

Austrian producer, specializing in the literature of international aviation.

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Fall of the Flying DRAGON. South Vietnamese Air Force 1973-75.

Release of 1/10/2011
HARPIA Publishing

Compiled with extensive help from previously unavailable documents that have emerged from official Vietnamese archives, and also with the assistance of narratives from dozens of participants and... [read more]

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African MiGs Vol. 1 - Angola to Ivory Coast.

Release of 15/10/2010
MiGs and Sukhois in Service in Sub-Saharan Africa

This second, expanded and fully revised edition of the groundbreaking book African MiGs examines the role and deployment history of MiG- and Sukhoi-designed fighters ? as well as their Chinese... [read more]

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Latin American Mirages.

Release of 10/10/2010
Mirage III / 5 / F.1 / 2000 in Service with South American Air A

For more than four decades, different versions of the classic Dassault Mirage fighter have served as some of the most potent combat aircraft in Latin America. Equipping the air forces of seven... [read more]

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IRIAF 2010 - The Modern Iranian Air Force

Release of 1/10/2010

This richly illustrated book describes the current organisation and equipment of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF). Drawing on a wide range of digital photographs, IRIAF 2010... [read more]

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Arab MiGs Volume 1, MiG-15s and MiG-17s, 1955-1967

Release of 20/11/2009

Starting in 1955, and for the following 20 years, MiG-15 and MiG-17 formed the backbone of several Arab air forces. They played a prominent role in four major wars and dozens of minor incidents.... [read more]

Price: 35.95 € Available

Latin American Fighters, A History of Fighter Jets in Service

Release of 10/11/2009

This book for the first time describes the military fighter jet aviation in Latin America. It covers the eventfull history of fighter jets in 17 countries ranging from Mexico in the north down to... [read more]

Price: 48.00 € Available

I Silver Wings - Serving and Protecting Croatia

Release of 1/11/2009

This top quality photo monograph features in six chapters the activities of the today's Croatian Air Force: Defenders, Firefighters, Transport Elements, Training Elements, Wings of Storm and... [read more]