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B-29 sur le JAPON - 2éme partie - Le 20th Bomber Command et l'Opération "Matterhorn".

Release of 18/07/2019
Author: Bernard BAEZA

Sometimes, the program established for the publication of our publications is disturbed; the reasons can be multiple. This time, it is the volume of the work of our friend Bernard Baéza which is the cause. Undoubtedly captivated by his subject, he managed to offer us "all" the history of strategic bombing on Japan! We had, somewhat optimistically, planned to publish this exceptional work in three numbers but we will have to do better, much better even if we want to maintain this level of quality. Our readers will certainly not complain because no work in French language has made us discover this subject so thoroughly, with a text as accurate and accompanied by as many illustrations! So we will not miss the pleasure of reading the result of so much research.
As promised, the issue devoted to the aftermath of the First World War, that is to say the conflicts emanating from the new situation of Europe in 1919, will be published but under the number 90. It is often forgotten but November 1918 did not mean the end of the conflict for all Europeans, far from it: in Poland (a new nation), in Hungary (idem), in the Middle East, in the Balcans, conflicts will come to oppose the " peace "of the Allied Powers. The shadow of Russian revolution will be very present in some of these conflicts.
It only remains for me to wish you a good reading of this second part of the "Matterhorn" operation.

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  • Pages number : 96
  • Pictures number : 200
  • Language : French
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