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A series of Japanese softbound books depicting famous aircraft. Every volume provides a host of details : camouflage and markings, photo-details of rebuilt machines, old photos, colour profiles, scale drawings. Bilingual text and captions Japanese/English.

Delay in delivery of titles not edited by LELA Presse may occur. Thank you for your patience, ... More titles you are interested in this collection, I can order them. Contact me on [email protected] or 0032 (0)

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Mi - 28. Night Hunter and the others

Release of 1/05/2016
KAGERO - Photosniper n°0024

Mil design bureau, led by Mikhail Leonteyevich Mil, was one of the leading soviet plants promoting combination of helicopters and firepower. Mil was personally involved in the development of... [read more]

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Ka-50 & Ka-52. Werewolf, Black Shark, Erdogan, Alligator and the others

Release of 15/12/2015
kagero - Photosniper n°0021

Kamov design bureau was established in late 1940s after successful demonstration of single engine ultra-light Ka-8 type and its improved derivate Ka-10, which was maiden flown on 30th of August... [read more]

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LILLE-LESQUIN, d'hier à aujourd'hui.

Release of 1/12/2014
Association Anciens Aérodromes

Reserve Flughaffen Lesquin "in 1917," Seclin Enchemont Aerodrome "in 1937," Lille Air Base "in 1938," Lille-Seclin Airfield "in 1939," Flugplatz Vendeville "from 1940 to 1944," Airfield B-51 "in... [read more]

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362nd Fighter Group dans la bataille de Normandie

Release of 21/06/2014
Éditions HEIMDAL

It's 70 years since the engine noise and the noise of bombs no longer resonate in the sky of France. After conducting extensive research and met many witnesses and veterans as part of... [read more]

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404th Fighter Group dans la bataille de Normandie

Release of 5/12/2013
Éditions HEIMDAL

This group is January 25, 1943, he arrived on English soil in March-April 1944 and joined the soil of Normandy after operating in the Norman sky from England. It will be based on A-5,... [read more]

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Normandie 1944 - Arado, l'avion espion. out of print

Release of 2/08/2013
Éditions HEIMDAL

More than seventy years after the end of World War II, many gray areas still around that time. By launching Juvincourt, August 2, 1944, the first mission in the world of aerial reconnaissance jet... [read more]

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Jacques-Henri Schloesing, Itinéraire d'un Français libre.

Release of 1/05/2013
Éditions HEIMDAL

Jacques Henri Schloesing chose freedom in 1940, at age 20, once and for all. This choice was a price: his life, he was offering with its services, joining an unknown general in London but... [read more]

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Release of 1/04/2012

64 pages, full color, A4 (landscape), to well appreciate the high quality planes profiles. Profiles about beautiful and original topics, among the classics of aviation. And of course, well known... [read more]

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African MiGs Vol. 1 - Angola to Ivory Coast.

Release of 15/10/2010
MiGs and Sukhois in Service in Sub-Saharan Africa

This second, expanded and fully revised edition of the groundbreaking book African MiGs examines the role and deployment history of MiG- and Sukhoi-designed fighters ? as well as their Chinese... [read more]

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POINT FIXE Magazine 2010 - n°08

Release of 1/03/2010

In this N ° 08: . Last hunting season in Alsace ... . A second Rafale squadron was born in Saint-Dizier . The guardians of the Red Sea: Corsica in Djibouti . 60 years of NATO . Cypriot Air... [read more]

Price: 35.00 € 28.00 € Available

POINT FIXE Magazine 2009 - n°07

Release of 1/03/2009

In this N ° 07: . Offshore: the flying fleets of the Lann-Bihoué BAN . Mission Commander: the Chef de Mission internship in Orange . The tigers of the ocean: NATO Ocean Tiger, the... [read more]

Price: 35.00 € 28.00 € Available

POINT FIXE Magazine 2008 - n°06

Release of 1/03/2008

In this N ° 06: . The 100 years of the helicopter . The Vendée leaves the stage . Artic Tiger Meet . LAVEX 2006 . Anniversary in Toussus . CEAM, CEV,... [read more]

Price: 33.00 € 27.00 € Available

POINT FIXE Magazine 2007 - n°05

Release of 1/03/2007

In this N ° 05: . Air Force Command . EC 01.007 "Provence": Horizon 2036 . EC-725 Caracal and Cougar Resco . GAMSTAT: The laboratory of the wise . the 50th anniversary of the... [read more]

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POINT FIXE Magazine 2006 - N° 04

Release of 1/02/2006

In this N ° 04: . EA-ALAT & EFA at Luc-en-Provence . From champagne to riesling . The end of the Mirage IV and the withdrawal of the Jaguar . Garuda II . BGS: from green to blue .... [read more]

Price: 30.00 € 24.00 € Available

POINT FIXE Magazine 2004 - N° 02

Release of 1/03/2004

In this N ° 02: . The departure of the fleets of the BAN of Saint-Mandrier . Air units of the Combat Air Force . Focus on the Mirage 2000D - The End of the Mirage IIIRS . Valmy and Verdun at... [read more]

Price: 25.00 € 21.00 € Available

POINT FIXE Magazine 2002 - N° 01

Release of 1/03/2003

Contents of this N ° 01: . 1st Combat Helicopter Regiment - 15 years of Mirage 2000N . French and Greek Canadians - 20 years of Firecat . French TLP - CITac 339 . Anniversaries at 2/30... [read more]