AVIONS-BATEAUX, the team ...

Avions bateaux is proud to introduce to you the members of our team.
Each of us plays an important role in transmitting our passion for the subject and our commitment to serve you the reader.
Here the staff get to say a few words, enabling you to put a face to the name !

Michel LEDET
Editorial director

My job essentially revolves around the coordination of the work of our staff writers. I'm an aviation and naval history "nut" and devote much time and attention to overseeing and nurturing the birth, growing pains and development of everyone of our publications ! I'm constantly researching new subjects that may well become book projects or feature articles...

Managing Director - Customer relations

My task is simple. To ensure that you remain a satisfied customer, to be available to listen to you, to keep you informed and to act as your guide. Don't hesitate to get in touch – I'm here to help you

Christophe CONY
Chief staff writer - AVIONS magazine

Although I trained as a historian, I've been an aviation enthusiast longer than I can remember. In every issue of Avions magazine I strive to mix up a cocktail of the best in avaition writing & images - old & modern, French & foreign, eyewitness accounts, in-depth bios of the aces, aircraft type files, historical features...not only is there something for every aircraft enthusiast in each issue but much that is liable to stimulate other areas of your interest...

Frédéric STAHL
Chief staff writer - Navires & Histoire magazine

My passion for ships, history, faraway places and a burning desire to get to the bottom of any story naturally led to a career in journalism. Writing about the great vessels of the high seas and the worlds navies and their history is the background that enabled us to create the magnificent magazine that is « Navires et Histoire ».

Jean Marie GALL
Chief staff writer, illustrator and lay-out ...

Tombé tout petit déjà dans l'Aéro et le nautique, passionné d'Histoire, j'oscille entre l'abus de dictionnaires en tous genres pour la standardisation des textes de nos chers auteurs, le pilotage d'un clavier pour l'iconographie, la mise en pages des collections de livres, et la recherche pour mes propres ouvrages.

Jean-Baptiste Delcambre
Graphic artist, illustrator and lay-out ...

I have always been enthusiastic and attracted by graphic arts, computerised edition and the magic art of putting text and images together. My job in Lela Presse is then to make you enjoy reading your magazines and then find the most pragmatic solution to this kind of equation : 86 pages of text + 168 photos + 5 line drawings + 12 colour profiles + 4 tables = 100 pages magazine !...

The following contributors from around the world – authors of renown, archivists, historians, photo collectors - all play a role in ensuring the high quality of our magazines and publications and we salute them here :

Cover paintings : Lionel Labeyrie

France : Pierre CORTET (+), Claude ARCHAMBAULT, Jean BARBY, Matthieu COMAS, Jean-Louis COROLLER, Alain COSTE, Jean-Louis COUSTON, Pascal FAUCARD, Jean-Luc FOUQUET, Serge JOANNE, Jean-Marie KRAUSENER, Jacques MOULIN, François NEVEU, Lionel PERSYN, Alain PIGEARD, Bernard PHILIPPE, Jacques ROBINEAU, Marc ROSTAING, Jacques SACRÉ.

Allemagne : P. Heck, H.W. Neulen, H. Thiele. Argentine : J.F. Nunez Padin, S. Bellomo. Autriche : R. Reisinger. Belgique : J-L Roba, E. Mombeek, P. Saintes, P. Taghon. Brésil & Portugal : M. Canongia Lopes. Bulgarie : S. Boshniakov, M. Andreev. Canada : D. Bernad, G. Beauchamp. Croatie : D. Frka. Espagne : J. Arraez Cerda, C. O'Donnell Torroba. Etats-Unis : F.W. Bailey, D.Y. Louie, G. von Rauch. Finlande : K. Stenman. Grande Bretagne : : M. Passingham, P. Jarrett, D. Nicolle. Grèce : A. Karatzas. Italie : G. Alegi, G. Apostolo, G. Garello, R. Gentilli, G. Massimello. Japon : K. Osuo, S. Nohara. Norvège : S. Gulli. Paraguay : A.L. Sapienza. Pays-bas : K. van den Berg, M. Schep, T. Postma. Pologne : W. Luczak. Roumanie : I. Robanescu, C. Craciunoiu. Russie : V. Koulikov, SPM / G. Sloutski, V. Kotelnikov, M. Maslov. Slovénie : M. Marusko. République Tchèque : B. Kudlicka, J. Rajlich. Turquie : B. Rifat. Yougoslavie : S. Ostric.


Uniforms : Lionel Labeyrie

Henry ALAIN, Alexandre ALATI, Corinne ANCION, Jean Marie AUBIN, André AZAÏ, Roberto BARAZZUTI, Michel BARTHE, Jérôme BILLARD, Patrick BONNET, Stephan BOSHNIAKOV, Jean-Yves BROUARD, Mario CANONGIN LOPES, Emmanuel CAPPE, Philippe CARESSE, Jean-Marc CASSOU, Matthieu COMAS, Jean Pierre COQUINOT, Roberto CONVENEVOLE, Cristian CRACIUNIOIU, Bernard CROCHET, Ct Alain DEMERLIAC, Patrick DU CHEYRON, Robert DUMAS, Jean Luc FOUQUET, Alain FINET, Zvonimir FREIVOGEL, Dionisio GARCIA FLOREZ, Gérard GARIER,Sege GERNETT Jean Pierre GILLET, Henri-pierre GROLLEAU, Jean-Marie GUILLOU, Pierre HERVIEUX, Thierry HONDEMARCK, Jean-Marie KRAUSENER, Viktor KULIKOV, Sébastien LAUSDAT, Wojciech LUCZAK, Bertrand MAGUEUR, Salvador MAFE HUERTAS, CC Daniel MAURICE, Jean-Jacques MICHAUD, Vernon J. MILLER, Jürg MEISTER, Guy MERCIER, Thierry NICOLO, François NÔTRE, Philippe NÔTRE, Pierre NÔTRE, Jorge F. NUNEZ PADIN, Cesar O'DONNEL, George PARIS, Lionel PASTRE, Gérard PIOUFFRE, Alain PIGEARD, Gérard PREVOTEAUX, Michel PUYO, Achille RASTELLI, Raymond REBOUL, Gilles RIVET, Richard ROUSSEL, Guillaume RUEDA, Edward C. RUMPF, Charles SALOU, Guy SCHAEFFER, Henri SIMONI, Guy TOREMANS, Simon WATSON.


Cover illustration : Serge Jamois
Uniforms : Lionel Labeyrie

France : Matthieu Comas - Jean-Louis Coroller - Alain Coste - Pascal Faucard - Serge Joanne - Luc Montjovet-Basset - Jacques Moulin - Jacques Niot - Lionel Persyn - Bernard Philippe - Jean-Claude Soumille.

Allemagne : P. Heck, H. W. Neulen, H. Thiele - Amérique du Sud : J. F. Nuñez Padin - Argentine : S. Bellomo - Autriche : R. Reisinger - Belgique : J.-L. Roba, E. Mombeek - Brésil : M. Canongia Lopes - Bulgarie : M. Andreev, S. Boshniakov - Canada : D. Bernad - Croatie : D. Frka - Espagne : J. Arraez Cerda, I. de Azaola Reyes - États-Unis : F. W. Bayley, D. Y. Louie, G. von Rauch - Finlande : K. Stenman - Grande-Bretagne : M. Passingham, P. Jarrett, D. Nicolle - Grèce : A. Karatzas - Italie : G. Alegi, G. Apostolo, A. Emiliani, G. Garello, R. Gentilli - Norvège : S. Gulli - Paraguay : A. L. Sapienza - Pays-Bas : M. Schep, K. Van Den Berg, T. Postma - Pologne : W. Luczak, G. Slizewski, T. Kopanski - Portugal : M. Canongia Lopes - Roumanie : V. Avram, I. Robanescu, V. Tudor, C. Craciunoiu - Russie : V. Kulikov - Vladimir Kotelnikov - Mihail Masslov - Slovénie : M. Marusko - Suisse : P. Osché - Tchéquie : B. Kudlicka, J. Rajlich - Turquie : R. Bayrak - Uruguay : N. P. Acosta, E. Luzardo - Yougoslavie : C. Janic, A. Kolo.

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