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Le SA 330 PUMA

Release of 21/02/2020
Author: Fabrice SAINT-ARROMAN
Edition: Collection Profils Avions N°37
ISBN : 978-2-37468-027-9

Designed to meet the needs of ALAT (Army Light Aviation, looking for a new tactical transport helicopter in the aftermath of the Algerian war), the Puma was a great success in the military field, in France and abroad, but also in the civilian market.
He has participated in most of the conflicts and crises of the last forty years, from the Falklands to the Sahel, via the Balkans or Angola.
More than fifty years after his first flight, and as the end of his career approaches, here is for the first time recounted in detail the unknown history of this helicopter with the silhouette yet so familiar. "

About 336 pages with more than 800 images and 10 plans, diagrams and color profiles.


Discover the 15 pages of this book thanks to PDF.


REACTIONS from our Readers:
- I received the Vampire and Puma books yesterday in perfect condition; their rapid reading is promising and I can only once again congratulate their authors for their research as well as Lela Presse editions for the quality of their publications. These books will be references on these aircraft with rare histories. Best regards. Y. DANIELLOU.

- I just received the book on the Puma. I started to leaf through it, it's a real pleasure to discover. Thank you for this work which fills a gap in the library of passions. Congratulations to the author. E. Sanvoisin.

- Being a "PUMA alumnus" from 1993 to 2008, it is with a certain emotion and great pride that I go through the pages of this magnificent book. A big thank you to you and everyone involved in this book. Pascal.


We talk in the Press and on the Net:

- The SA 330 Puma, designed in close collaboration between the manufacturer and the Army, was developed to provide the latter with an essential means: a helicopter dedicated to maneuvering its units. The success of the resulting aircraft helped to raise the French manufacturer to the rank of major industrialists in the field, and the Puma was behind a particularly successful family of helicopters. For its users it is an emblematic machine, known for its flawless reliability as well as for its versatility.
Under such conditions, a book on the Puma can be widely expected. And this book, well there it is ... It is a beautiful object, well printed (even if the typeface can sometimes seem a little small) and full of quality illustrations. The regulars will not be disoriented by the model, and the format is decidedly very pleasant to handle. As for the work of the author ... Fabrice Saint-Arroman, a former helicopter and aircraft pilot in the ALAT, has successfully completed an impressive task with this work ... which obviously the subject required.
The book opens on the genesis and the program of SA 330, which follows a technical description. Obviously, there is work behind these pages: the author went to seek the good sources on the matter. Then comes the career of the machine. By all accounts, the chapter on ALT is by far the most extensive, with no less than 120 pages, but other users of all stripes - state or not - have not been forgotten. In addition, in addition to the very many badges that dot the pages (military machine requires), a list of devices is inserted per user, in each chapter. Well ... It somewhat strengthens the "catalog" aspect of the book, but the consultation of the lists is all the more pleasant. And so we walk, quietly but with real pleasure, in the pages of a quality work.
What more can I say, which is not the repetition of my well deserved compliments…
A few more anecdotes - they are rare - would certainly have been appreciated, as this machine has been the setting for innumerable often tasty little stories. Certainly also, a more bushy chapter on the Puma of his Gracious Majesty would have been useful, as we know little about their job (s) ... But we will not sulk our pleasure: we have here a work of great interest. Besides, books of this level on rotary wings, we want more. And as soon as possible! © Philippe Boulay - For Aérostories.

- Books on helicopters are rare, it seems that "it does not sell." So we must emphasize the courage of the publisher who is bringing this work out against the trends.
The work begins with the genesis of the beast (24 pages) then we have the chapter "development and marketing" that is to say a brief history of the variants of the Puma (14 pages), the technical description (16 pages with plan and 44 detailed photos: cockpit, rotors, turbines, train, hold, etc.). Then we get to the heart of the book with French operational users (ALAT 122 pages + list of aircraft + 4 profiles; Air Force and CEV: 24 pages + list of aircraft;) England: 16 pages + list of aircraft + 4 profiles; Romania: 8 pages and list of aircraft, other military and state customers: 62 pages + 3 profiles; Puma civilians: 24 pages. On the other hand, in addition to the anecdotes told by the crews (and given that the Puma went "to hang out" in several Opexes "it is experience"!) We are pleased to discover over the pages the experiences of self-propelled train (p22 -25), battlefield radar (p125), turret under the nose (p218 and 222), Tiger Pumas (p233, 234, 240), Cinema Pumas (p324: covers only those modified in Mi24 A for "Red Dawn" ... but there is much more even if this is the most spectacular cinema Puma) etc ... Unfortunately, the absence of any index does not facilitate research if you are looking for a version particular!
I did not count the number of photos but at the rate of about 2 illustrations per page we must be in the 600 photos!
Conclusion: Bravo to the author! Well done to the editor! For what must be the first real monograph in depth of this device which deserved that we take a deep interest. Fabrice de Saint-Arroman, Franck Fisher and all those who helped them (the photos come largely from the private collections of those who tell the anecdotes, at least for the "French" part). When will it follow, since the Super-pumas, Cougars and others are not covered in this volume? © Modelstories 2020.

- You have to be wary of big clumsy tomcats who in theory are not front line fighters but more, at least apparently cat cats to their memories ... Yes ok but in fact a Puma is not an aristochat but a powerful, enduring and very wandering feline at heart ...
The Puma made the front page at the time of its launch in the mid-60s, you know those years that were the glorious thirties for Grandpa Charlot, he needed pure national product, 100% made in France, pure Gallic beret- baguette, cocorico from home, just to send the English and Ricans equipment home! ... done with the establishment of an advanced aeronautical industry in all areas ... it was some nice successes and some notorious failures, but it was what it was! ..
Fabrice Saint-Arroman tells here in this work the rather crazy story of a multi-purpose multi-role helicopter and whose descendants nowadays ensure continuity while rubbing shoulders with the old one still in proof service if any. founding father had and still has a lot of potential and beautiful remains ...
High level work where nothing is forgotten from the genesis of the various projects to the commissioning and all the possible versions, in clear it is a large family well from here, with here and there foreign branches ...
The Puma is not convenient but basically it is always in fashion and it proves it every day and this book rich in details and photos is proof of its quality and content. To read and discover with passion . © Marc Debeer - Fleuves & Canaux.

- The PUMA is an aeronautical legend!
He deserved THE book that Lela Presse has just published.
This paving stone of 336 pages pays him a superb tribute to the height of his fame. The different chapters allow you to know everything about this helicopter and the photographs in number will allow everyone to find ideas for decorations or details ....
The aircraft are alternately described by the program, within the Alat, the Air Force and the CEV, then in the RAF, under Romanian license before making an overview of the military Cougars in the world and then civilian aircraft.
We discover over the pages of real nuggets like these Puma grimed in HIND or those serving under American civilian immat ....
In short, I who spent a few hours on the tarmacs or in the air with him, I really enjoyed reading these few pages! .... © Christophe Verdoux for - -

- It is undoubtedly one of the most famous helicopters of the French Army and, for two generations of soldiers, has been the faithful accompanist of all OPEX, from Africa to the Balkans and the Middle East. This beautiful volume pays him a legitimate tribute.
In 10 solid chapters, Fabrice Saint-Arroman describes the entire history of the Puma, from the expression of need by the ALAT for a new maneuver helicopter in the early 1960s to its employment in the civil sector, including its use by other countries. The entire development process is detailed and some technical features described, as well as the (successful) marketing efforts. The author then presents the different missions entrusted to the PUMA ("The twelve works of the PUMA"), then the numerous units successively equipped with this helicopter, with the training badges and superb photos of the aircraft, in mainland France and overseas. He then goes back to his operational fill in OPEX. We will not contradict him: "The history of the Puma de l'Alat is a bit like that of the French army for the past forty years, as the career of the maneuver helicopter is inseparable from most operations external (with the two notable exceptions near Lebanon and Afghanistan) ". A chapter is devoted to the presence of the aircraft within the Air Force (with presentations of the differences and variants), and within the flight test center of the DGA. Some 80 pages are then devoted to Puma in foreign armies, the United Kingdom of course, but also Romania, South Africa, and in more than 35 other countries on all continents, as far as Nepal. The album ends with employment in the civil sector, be it large oil companies, transportation of equipment, firefighting or humanitarian missions.
On the balance sheet, a very beautiful album, richly illustrated (besides the photos, some very beautiful profiles), extremely precise, which for some will have a little air of nostalgia but which will bring multiple information on ALAT and will be just as useful to those who are interested in materials only to those who study OPEX. © Rémy for Guerres & Conflits.

- The SA 330 Puma
Fabrice Saint-Arroman
Lela Presse
Although not a technically revolutionary device, the Puma remains a leading player in our forces. After the first flight of the prototype 01 on April 15, 1965, the program was joined by Westland cooperation which participated in the British production of the SA 330 up to 27%. The eight pre-series aircraft were succeeded by some 840 series machines (including 684 assembled by Aerospatiale and Westland), a good performance for a maneuver helicopter initially designed for ALAT.
Genesis of the program and technical description of the machine and its engine group open this imposing work, the piece of choice being of course the operational career in ALAT with no less than 120 pages which cover all versions (Pirate, PC, operations specials, Orchid…) and the theaters of operation (Persian Gulf, Africa, ex-Yugoslavia, overseas), all supported by a formidable photo selection which presents all the colors worn by the Puma, with a double page of profiles . As with all parts, the list of machines completes this dense chapter.
Follow the Air Force and the CEV (39 pages) with the machines, the units and the missions and six pages on the different standards. Then come 16 pages on British Puma, with list and profiles, 8 pages of Romanian Puma and the impressive catalog of military and state Puma, which begins in South Africa (excluding Oryx). The list ends with civilian machines, including those used by the Navy for Vertrep, prospects, aerial work, aid workers and the testimony of an ALAT pilot.
The author is a former Puma, he knows the machine well and loves it, it feels close to the subject. The text is serious, the coverage of the subject complete and the iconography very well chosen to present a maximum of devices and configurations, all countries combined. © Sam Pretat for AIR FAN.

- Puma, my friend ...
My first contact with the Puma dates back to 1977. On the BA 126 in Solenzara, it was there that I discovered it for the first time. Equipped with SAR in the parking lot of ELAS 1/44, I climbed inside with respect. Twenty-one years later, I will exercise my talents for three years in this unit. By this date, the Puma would have become for me an old and solid companion.
The release of this book was eagerly awaited. Qualified in 1984, I flew it at all latitudes within the ALAT and the Air Force. I found in this work a clarity identical to that devoted to the Alouette III (Lela-Presse). It begins with the genesis of the device, its development (and yes, there was indeed a Puma with caterpillars!) And its commercialization. Then he depicts his career with ALAT and the Air Force. In the third part, we are presented the other military users (including the RAF) and civilians of the Puma. The end of the book is a testimony
of affection.
With a rich iconography, it can be read easily. Here and there, short stories illustrate the thousand and one missions of land and air fulfilled with fidelity and reliability since its commissioning. The author, Fabrice Saint-Arroman, had a very successful career in the weaponry of materiel (the "little grays", as they are nicknamed) where he served as a mechanic and pilot. He was therefore particularly qualified to show us all the facets of this device that will be remembered. Particularly well designed, this helicopter has earned deserved confidence among its crews. He will leave a void when he leaves. By reading this book, you will know why. © Henry-Pierre Marquis - LE TRAIT D'UNION.

  • Format : A4
  • Pages number : 336
  • Pictures number : 800
  • Language : French
  • Color profiles : 20
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