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VAMPIRE et MISTRAL Français. Tome 01

Release of 21/02/2020
Author: Sébastien Guillemin, Claude Petit et Patrick Vinot Préfontaine
Edition: Collection Profils Avions N°34
ISBN : 978-2-37468-026-2

During the war, France had stayed away from the technological revolution that constituted propulsion by reaction. A considerable industrial and financial effort would make it possible to catch up in a few years and to see the emergence of Dassault's products. But before the program came to fruition, the Air Force had to learn all about this new mode of propulsion and its consequences for pilotage, maintenance, and combat procedures.
It is a product of the British industry, the de Havilland DH.100 Vampire, which is chosen to ensure this mutation and radically modernize the hunting units. Some are delivered whole, coming from the RAF, the others being built under license in Marignane. The mastery of this manufacture will allow the SNCASE to develop a more powerful version, the SE.532 / 535 Mistral, used in the Algerian theater of operations. Upgraded in the mid-1950s, these unique-looking hunters allowed the French forces to enter the era of combat jets, but no book has so far traced the career, as they were numerous and widespread.
The three authors, backed by a large network of friends, took up this challenge and told in detail the history of all the units and departments that had used Vampire and Mistral. Correlatively, the individual career of the 574 aircraft is closely traced. The industrial and operational aspects are not forgotten.
The book, presented in two volumes, is based on an iconography of some 1,700 photos and drawings and on the many profiles made by Patrice Gaubert. More than 100 testimonials from the actors of this era show how the beginnings of the jet were exciting ... or dramatic.

About 1700 photos, 50 profiles, many shots 3-views at 1/72, all gathered in these two volumes. 384 pages for volume 01 and 400 pages for volume 02.

Discover the 15 pages of this book thanks to PDF.


REACTIONS of the readers:
- Bravo to the three authors of the book VAMPIRE MISTRAL TOME 1 which is superb. Look forward to the second volume. Cdlt Ph. Bonnet.
- I received the Vampire and Puma books yesterday in perfect condition; their rapid reading is promising and I can only once again congratulate their authors for their research as well as Lela Presse editions for the quality of their publications. These books will be references on these aircraft with rare histories. Best regards. Y. DANIELLOU.
- I received your splendid work this morning: Superb, very beautiful work, on a particularly difficult subject and on which I would not have risked myself. There, you made "strong". A big admiring congratulations. Now, of course, we are waiting for volume 2. Hat down. Eric Moreau.
- I just received your book, what a monument! Of course I haven't read it yet but leafed through it several times. This "small" plane deserved such a work, it must be the first jet plane that I saw flying during a meeting in Orly, it had to be British, so go know, there are over 70 years! Congratulations again, congratulations to share with all your collaborators. Michel Liébert.
- Absolutely delighted to receive this monument this magnificent work this morning!
I can't tear myself away from reading it. Bravo to the authors who, with this work, will immortalize ‘French Vampire and Mistral‘ and for whom I wish all the success it deserves! Bernard Régnier.
Although I am still reading it, the incredible detail of this comprehensive coverage of the Vampire is something only a true expert could possible achieve ? It will definitely go on my 'Special Shelf' Well done - I am certainly envious ? Thank you once again for the excellent book. It was a privilege for me to contribute my small part in its certain success.


We talk about VAMPIRE & MISTRAL in the Press and on the Net:

- Two names for the same plane or almost!
Vampire and Mistral winner for an airplane which democratized the so-called jet aviation ... a basic reactor, a minimalist design and mass production with or without license, to simplify would be complicated for nothing; a formula which has proven itself throughout a very long career and which continues today in collection mode.
It is a "nice" plane with a good boil, a small chubby baby and beware of his appearances because the said "baby" has character and well hidden resources ... not really a lightning of war like the Meteor but temperament to spare ... in short the Vampire made a good reputation with a number of versions and extrapolation proof that the basic formula was well developed ...
So here is the unexpected volume 1 dedicated to this zing with a recognizable silhouette among all and this under the feathers and iconographies of a leading trio of comparse who signs here a little gem of aeronautical literature that will fill the world of true enthusiasts of aviation that are the spotter's and the model makers and to emulate among beginners in the matter ... This volume 1 explores the genesis of the project, its commissioning and its users, as the first flights there were worse than the vampire; So you have to wait impatiently for volume 2 to finally know everything about the mistral ... patience ... patience ..
Book very accessible to all, layout more than neat, affordable price signature of a publishing house which innovates a very rich catalog permanently and renews the genre with quality works ...
On this I invite you to a painless aerial blood test via a reading that is worth gold ... © Marc DEBEER - Fleuves & Canaux. 


- 1st volume on a generous subject, Vampires and Mistrals in French colors will have no more secrets for us ....
Indeed, the authors who are not at their first attempt on the subject, have compiled tons of documentation. There are superb detailed photographs, technical drawings, color profiles, a list of the most complete productions and 1/72 plans!
With that, plus the explanations that go with it on the different squadrons, the slightest model will be a little gem normally ...
There are even some very interesting parts for model builders like the one on flight equipment, perfect for dioramas.
380 pages to start while waiting for the second volume, amateurs can only be thrilled ... © Christophe Verdoux for - -


- The Vampire (and its derivative Mistral) was the first operational jet in France, as such it well deserved this monograph of which here is the 1st volume.
If the body of the book concerns the operational use by the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Fighter Wings of the Air Force (with numerous testimonies and illustrations almost all from personal archives), it should not be not forget the other parts:
The authors begin by presenting the original DH 100, its genesis and its use around the world. The different versions are then presented, then we come to Vampire's purchases for France, then to their production and their local variant: the Mistral ... and that's how we manage to devote more than 60 pages of "General" on the Vampire. If we add to it the thirty pages devoted to the technical description of the device, we begin with what must be the most important French-language monograph devoted to the DH100.
Along the pages and appendices we will also discover small nuggets on Vampire records (French), patrols and meetings, Vampire races and more or less successful experiments: Snecma jet deflector, Bertin silencer, ski train DOP and the Turboclair (how to dispel fog on the runways thanks to jet engines!)
And finally the list of all Vampire devices in France with their "life" summarized.
A "great work" which, with its 2nd volume to come, will probably go around the question. Nothing to say it is a "must"! My only criticism will be the lack of an index, a chronic disease in almost all French publications! For the rest, it is flawless, clearly "produced with love" by the authors who knew how to use a whole network of correspondents (and by the publisher, who should not be forgotten: print quality of photos, clear layout, color codes on the edge to distinguish the chapters…) a 100% success. © Modelstories2020


- In the beautiful collection devoted to military aircraft, Lela Presse publishes the first volume of an exhaustive study devoted to the first jet fighters of the French Air Force.
This volume is divided into three main parts. The first, "History", looks back at the origins of the Vampire, its prototypes and successive versions, their distribution in dozens of countries around the world and of course their purchase by France (with delivery and employment rates). It is the same for the Mistral (with its faults). Their construction in France, the records established by these devices, their participation in various exhibitions and their operational use constitute an important part of this part. The second, "Technical", will delight all amateurs with the precision of the plans and descriptions, whether it be general structures, engines or armaments. The third finally, "The units on Vampire and Mistral", which transports us to the end of the 1940s / beginning of the 1950s at the heart of the reconstitution of the Air Force in the various fighter squadrons. The book ends with around forty pages of appendices which detail specific uses and list the devices produced and assembled.
The whole of the current text is punctuated by inserts which specify a point of detail, numerous quotes from actors in this human and technical adventure, very successful profiles and a particularly rich iconography. A beautiful volume that will satisfy all lovers of the history of the Air Force. © Rémy PORTE - Guerres & Conflits.

- We are here in the field of knowledge, so there is no need to present the authors of this remarkable pavement devoted to these planes which we call sympathetically between us "Vampistral".
Many of you still have the initial version, that of 1980 with its glued binding, its typed pages and fully published in B&W, but here we are in a completely different register, we have there a "real" book very provided , since for this complete history (volumes 1 and 2, the second to appear in the fall of 2020), of 318 pages, we go to 780.
Even if it has its origin in the edition published by our association, we have in our hands a completely revised, completed, but above all very enriched history in terms of history of user units, of testimonies of actors of the Vampire epic and Mistral who opened their souvenir books, without forgetting of course the tremendous increase in iconography with a considerable number of new and unknown photos, many in color, a practice that was quite rare at the time.
We will not forget either the work of compiling the individual histories of more than 500 planes carried out by Bernard Chenel and doubled in volume by the authors, nor all the technical part on the design, construction and use of these devices.
This work of almost 3.5 kg in the end will be a wealth of information, of information (in particular for the model makers) on the history and the use of these planes which were at the origin of the renewal of our Army of the 'air.
Everything is perfectible, of course, but with this first volume and the second to appear, our aeronautical library will be enriched with a very accomplished work; so let's not be afraid to say that we stand there, "THE monograph on the French Vampire and Mistral", written by masterful hands thanks to a great teamwork. © Régis Biaux - LE TRAIT D'UNION.


- The years of World War II, mainly due to the Occupation, caused France to lag behind in aeronautical research and production. The country was notably not prepared for the arrival of the jets. It was therefore necessary for the Air Force to quickly obtain available machines before being able to rely on aircraft produced in France. The choice fell on Havilland Vampire's small fighter, some planes being delivered whole, others being assembled and produced under license. This production results in a more powerful French version, SNCASE Mistral, used in operations in Algeria.
Lela Presse offers us, in two volumes, a detailed study on this part of our aeronautical history. The first volume has a very classic summary. Nearly 100 pages are devoted to the history of the Vampire, design and use, in the world but especially in France. Then comes a technical part of around thirty pages before going into detail on the history of the aircraft within each unit with, for this first volume, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Wings. To complete interesting appendices including an exhaustive list of devices with their fate.
The authors are not at the first attempt on the subject since two of them had cooperated to publish in 1980 a substantial volume on the subject in "Le Trait d'Union", a reference work. Of course, this new publication is not a repeat because the text, completely revised, is enriched with new documents and testimonies. It’s a remarkable job, very precise without ever being boring. It is served by a very rich and often unprecedented iconography, with many color photos and superb profiles of Patrice Gaubert.
It is obviously the reference work on this little hunter that allowed France to begin in the jet age. To acquire quickly, to wait before the publication of volume 2! © J.-L. FOUQUET - Cocardes.

  • Format : A4
  • Pages number : 384
  • Pictures number : 850
  • Language : French
  • Color profiles : 25
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