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Here we are talking about monographs. The books in this collection deal with only one type of aircraft. Hard cover, approximately 200 to 400 pages, hundreds of photos and illustrated by many color profiles. To discover absolutely!

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Price: 59.00 € Available

VAMPIRE et MISTRAL Français. Tome 01

Release of 21/02/2020
Collection Profils Avions N°34

During the war, France had stayed away from the technological revolution that constituted propulsion by reaction. A considerable industrial and financial effort would make it possible to catch up... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € Available

Le SA 330 PUMA

Release of 21/02/2020
Collection Profils Avions N°37

Designed to meet the needs of ALAT (Army Light Aviation, looking for a new tactical transport helicopter in the aftermath of the Algerian war), the Puma was a great success in the military field,... [read more]