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AVIONS N°220. Rest 19 copies out of print

Release of 27/10/2017
Edition: La chasse de l’armée impériale japonaise - 1941-1942 : la ruée sur l’Extrême-Orient.

EDITORIAL. The reality was that!

When we relate the history of one or more units in an article, it is obvious that this is only a summary of their activity. But when we talk about the fate of an aviation legend like the Hellcat, a fighter that can be placed on the same level as the Spitfire, the Messerschmitt 109 or the Zero, things get complicated ... This plane served in so many formations at the same time that one must pass to the higher stage of conciseness: the summary of the summary!
Unfortunately, if you are able to describe the essential part of your career, you have to ignore everything that has made the daily life of those who use it: missions without too much or without results, accidents, hesitations command and pilots, anecdotes, etc. It is frustrating because it does not really reflect the reality of things; especially when the archives are available to anyone who wants to bother to consult them. Michel Ledet has therefore chosen in this issue to describe to you all the missions of the units of F6F Hellcat engaged in the Landing in Provence. First, because there were only two; second, because their participation lasted only thirteen days. Moreover, it concerns the liberation of France, so we would be wrong to deprive ourselves because you will surely recognize many places mentioned.
By following these thirteen days in the history of two squadrons, you will be able to see how complex the reality has been!
I will conclude by telling you not to hesitate to please yourself - or to please - for Christmas, because by subscribing for the books on the JG 54, the Yamato and the French Navy in 14-18, or our Out of Series AVIONS n ° 46, you will benefit until November 10th free shipping, which is not negligible. Dedicated to the hunting group II / 3, the HS n ° 46 will take you back to the heart of the French Air Force in 1939-1940, with an unprecedented account of the daily life of a prestigious hunting unit. war period until the armistice. Here is the Morane-Saulnier 406 and the Dewoitine 520 in perspective! And always the beautiful profiles of Thierry Dekker to illustrate them ...
Christophe Cony

- ARAWASI, the "wild eagles" of the Japanese Imperial Army (4th part) 1941-1942: the rush on the Far East. By Bernard Baëza.
- The Grumman F6F Hellcat in the Second World War (Part 10). The Landing in Provence. By Michel Ledet.
- As 14-18: Gilbert Sardier, The youngest squadron leader of France (end). By David Méchin, with the collaboration of Christophe Cony.
- The Caudron saga "Rafale" Second part: the Caudron C.530 (full story). By Jean-Christian Bouhours and Édouard Mihaly.
- No. 351 and No. 352 (Y) Squadrons: supporters of the Royal Air Force (late). By Boris Cigli?.
- The MV-22 Osprey in Operations: Under Many Skies (full story). By Stéphane Nicolaou.

In front page :

A Nakajima Ki.27 of the 50th Sentai has just ignited the engine of a British Brewster Buffalo over Burma in early 1942.
(painting by Lionel Labeyrie)

  • Format : A4
  • Pages number : 96
  • Pictures number : 170
  • Language : French
  • Color profiles : 10
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