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U-Boots' escape to South America. Secret Of The Gray Wolves.

Release of 28/02/2019
Author: Mariusz Borowiak - Peter Wytykowski
ISBN : 978-83-66148-23-9

A captivating story of German submarines that fled to Argentina on the eve of the Third Reich’s capitulation, unwilling to surrender to the Allies. The authors of the book discovered numerous unpublished documents in England, Argentina, Germany and the USA. They debunk myths and expose lies concerning the escapes of the German Nazis and the transportation of large amounts of treasure, mainly gold, as well as documentation of the most valuable military projects of the German Reich, which were supposed to turn the tide of the war. The book uses documents from interrogations of the U-Boot commanders who were sent to a special POW camp near Washington for prisoners of exceptional importance.

  • Format : 170 x 250
  • Pages number : 256
  • Pictures number : 150
  • Language : English
  • Color profiles :
Available Price: 31.50 €
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