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The Battleship BISMARCK.

Release of 20/09/2018
Author: Stefan Draminski
Edition: Bloomsbury - Anatomy of The Ship.
ISBN : 9781472828880

The Bismarck is perhaps the most famous - and notorious - warship ever built. Completed in 1941, the 45,000-ton German battleship sunk HMS Hood, the pride of the British Navy, during one of the most sensational encounters in naval history. Following the sinking, Bismarck was chased around the North Atlantic by many units of the Royal Navy. She was finally dispatched with gunfire and torpedoes on 27 May, less than five months after her completion. Her wreck still lies where she sank, 4,800m down and 960km off the west coast of France.

Drawing on new research and technology, this edition is the most comprehensive examination of Bismarck ever published. It includes a complete set of detailed line drawings with fully descriptive keys and full-colour 3D artwork, supported by technical details, photographs and text on the building of the ship and a record of the ship's service history.

  • Format : 26 X 24.5
  • Pages number : 336
  • Pictures number : 30
  • Language : English
  • Color profiles : 400
Available Price: 40.00 €
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