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LA FLOTTILLE 4F (1939-1943)

Release of 1/09/2010
Author: Philippe Bonnet
Edition: ARDHAN N°26

F1A fleets, 8F and 4F are inheritors of the traditions of the fleet of Bearn, itself a result of the Aviation Wing. This book describes their history and that of squadrons and AB2/2AB/6B AB4/4AB/7B down for the period from October 1938 to June 1943.Les sailors assigned to these courses will be successively opposing forces German, Italian, English and U.S.. The first part recounts the beginnings of the Aviation Wing created by decree in October 1918. The year 1928 saw the commissioning of the aircraft carrier Béarn which is host to the entrance into the war naval aircraft from the Navy. 1 October 1938, 7S1 becomes AB2 and the flotilla of Beam becomes the F1A. In September 1939, the F1A and its three squadrons are to be landed at Lanvéoc-based Poulmic. After training a few months, the AB2 is sent May 15, 1940 against the enemy in Holland. With AB4, they fight to Berlaimont and Origny - St. Benedict. Querqueville folded after the losses in battle, they are deployed in Hyères. The entry into war of Italy offers them the opportunity to be involved last time, but without success. They were finally withdrawn from North Africa to sign an armistice with Italy. The second part deals with the actions of the 8F and 4F fleet in North Africa and the Levant. Following the attack on the Royal Navy on 4 July 1940 against the French ships anchored at Mers-el-Kebir, the tension between France and the United Kingdom continues to grow. By September, the two formations bombed Gibraltar and are involved at various times in March 1941 against a British naval force. In June and July 1941 for a month, the flotilla 4F is deployed in the Levant to face the allied forces during fierce fighting. The Syrian campaign ends with disastrous results, as many sailors leave life. On his return to Tafaraoui, Lartigue had meanwhile become the flotilla 4F features the twin-engine bomber and Olivier Lioré 451. On November 8, 1942, the day the Anglo-American landing in North Africa, after small skirmishes, the Americans are investing Lartigue, without causing significant casualties. The rallying allies allows some staff of the flotilla 4F leaving in March 1943 to the United Kingdom, to be trained in tasks assigned to Coastal Command, they will from bases Senegalese Ouakam and Bel Air . In Algeria, the situation of the flotilla 4F, first scheduled to become a school group, unravels its dissolution on June 1, 1943. The third part, the result of patient research, is devoted to appendices, particularly documented.

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