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Price: 17.00 € Available

Dunkirk 1940, Through a German Lens.

Release of 4/08/2017

This new photo album, one of first in the Camera On series, contains over 200 photographs of the Battle for Dunkirk - from the German perspective. The photos, mostly unpublished before now, are... [read more]

Price: 17.00 € Bientôt en rupture

German Halftracks At War 1939-1945. Reissue !

Release of 6/07/2017

In the aftermath of The Great War, which saw the revolutionary introduction of the Tank, the more far-sighted military leaders of the major powers understood that the future of warfare hinged on a... [read more]

Price: 34.00 € Available

T-60 Small Tank & Variants

Release of 1/07/2017

The first in a new series from Canfora Design and Publishing, T-60 Small Tank & Variants covers this often overlooked light AFV from planning to production to combat and beyond. The T-60 was... [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

Sd.Kfz. 171 Panzer V "Panther" Ausf. A/D/G

Release of 1/07/2017
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7043

Booklet including nice line scale drawings and colour profiles of the famous German WW2 tank, describing its versions A, D and G. [read more]

Price: 19.50 € Available

OPERATION DYNAMO. Dunkerque 1940.

Release of 1/07/2017
Editions HEIMDAL

Four years before the Allied landings in Normandy, the French coastline was the scene of another major episode of the Second World War. This was Operation Dynamo, much less known today than D-Day.... [read more]

Price: 28.00 € Available

Operation Market Garden Paratroopers vol. 2

Release of 27/06/2017
MMP - Série Green n°4124

A second volume about the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade in World War Two, covering its weapons and equipment  in particular during their support of the British airborne assault on... [read more]

Price: 12.50 € Available

GBM N°121 - 1940. Corap et le désastre sur la Meuse.

Release of 27/06/2017

IN SUMMARY : - RECONSTITUTION: Berry-au-Bac 2017. - HIPPOMOBILE: The rolling forges. - TRANCHEE MATERIAL: Howitzers and mortars. - MEMORY OF OUR FATHER: On horseback in May 1940. - LAND AND... [read more]

Price: 56.00 € Available

ENDKAMPF um das Reichsgebiet 1944-1945.

Release of 17/06/2017
Luftfahrtverlag Start

A beautiful photo album of the last battles of the Eastern Front , from October 1944 until the end , in East Prussia , Saxony,  and  Silesia. Unpublished photos... [read more]

Price: 16.50 € Available

Trackstory 15 : RENAULT FT - Tome 02

Release of 10/06/2017
Editions du Barbotin

As the very first modern tank, the Renault FT was widely exported and used abroad. This booklet, the second part of a work dedicated to the FT, describes its use in the foreign countries. Very... [read more]

Price: 19.50 € Available

les Paras Français du Jour J.

Release of 1/06/2017
Éditions HEIMDAL

They are a little forgotten in the history of the D-Day. On the night of June 5-6, 1944, while the men of the 82nd and 101st American Airborne Divisions and those of the 6th British Airborne... [read more]

Price: 13.50 € Available

GBM HS 05 - CAVALERIE à CHEVAL 1919-1940. Les derniers centaures de...

Release of 30/05/2017

IN SUMMARY : - MEMOIRS OF OUR FATHER: Brigadier at the 6th dragoons. - ORGANIZATION: . Large units. . Regiments and GR. . The squadrons. . EM and services. - DETAIL REVIEW: . Men and platoons. .... [read more]

Price: 45.00 € Available

Historique du 1er BCC. 501e Régiment de chars de combat de Tours. Hommes et...

Release of 1/04/2017
PB&CO Editions

This book describes the history of the 1st Tank Bataillon of the Franch Army during the short but intense 1939-1940 campaign against the Germans. The text has been built around the archive... [read more]

Price: 12.50 € Available

GBM N°120 - Baptème du feu pour le SCHNEIDER

Release of 30/03/2017

IN SUMMARY : - BAPTISM OF THE FIRE A: Berry-au-Bac 1917. - ORGANIZATION. Infantry Company 1917. - GREAT POWER ARTILLERY. The 220 L17 SCHNEIDER. - BLINDS OF THE OVERSEAS. AM in the Levant. -... [read more]

Price: 19.95 € Available

La 1re division d'infanterie américaine. Les unités alliées de la...

Release of 24/02/2017

The 1st Infantry Division was formed in 1917 to fight in France and faced the great German offensives of 1918. During the Second World War, it made its first landing in 1942 in North Africa.... [read more]

Price: 22.00 € Available

The SS-Division Wiking in the Caucasus 1942-1943

Release of 20/02/2017
MMP - Série Green n°4123

In the summer of 1942, German forces resumed their attack on the Eastern Front, this time concentrating exclusively on the southern sector, with the objective of conquering Stalingrad and the... [read more]

Price: 18.00 € Available

The War in the South Pacific

Release of 1/02/2017

This book describes the bitter fighting in theSouth Pacific from the Guadalcanal landing through to the Solomons and New-Guinea. Many nice photos ! [read more]

Price: 23.75 € Available

Panzer II & Luchs. The WWII German basic light tank.

Release of 16/01/2017
KAGERO - Photosniper N°0025

- 100 pages - 50 colour photographs - 100 renders - Gloss coated paper - Format (sizes): A4 (210x297 mm) - Soft cover binding [read more]

Price: 18.00 € Available

SS Grenadiers on the Russian Front

Release of 11/01/2017

Rare photographs from both official and unofficial SS sources illustrate the role of the individual in this epic struggle. This is a candid and comprehensive picture of warfare on the Russian... [read more]

Price: 18.00 € Available

The Crushing of Army group North 1944-1945 on the Eeastern Front

Release of 10/01/2017

The story in words and images of the final months fought on Russian soil and the ensuing battles of the Baltic states. With many rare and and unpublished photos. [read more]

Price: 12.50 € Available

GBM N°119 - 1939 - Notre pays était-il défendu ?

Release of 10/01/2017

IN SUMMARY. HIPPOMOBILE: Forage wagons. ARTILLERIE LOURDE: The 120 of Bange. AUBE DU CHAR: The Filtz-STG tractor. MAROCAINE ESCAPADE: The CAT armored vehicles. PUBLIC OPINION: The defense of the... [read more]