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A series of Japanese softbound books depicting famous aircraft. Every volume provides a host of details : camouflage and markings, photo-details of rebuilt machines, old photos, colour profiles, scale drawings. Bilingual text and captions Japanese/English.

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Price: 12.80 € Available


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Release of 1/03/2003
Super-Etandard & Les Rafales de la Marine

This cycle comprises actually three short stories collected in one album. These stories, fiction, sometimes inspired by real life situations, based on extensive documentation. Better still, the... [read more]

Price: 16.00 € Bientôt en rupture

Ali d'Italia n° 12 - Ro 43-44

Release of 1/03/2000
IMAM Ro 43/44

This is a top-quality series of monographies edited by "LA BANCARELLA AERONAUTICA" and exclusively devoted to the italian WW2 aircraft. The series is coordinated by Giorgio Apostolo,... [read more]

Price: 16.00 € Available

Bunrin Do n° 46

Release of 1/07/1996
McDonnell F3H Demon

This economical series features loads of B&W photos, diagrams and marking illustrations. Text in Japanese only. B5 size. 88 pages. Soft cover. [read more]

Price: 12.80 € Available


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Release of 1/03/2006

The saga of 11F pilots continues, this time with a somewhat nightmarish album, imagining a nuclear attack in response to a terrorist attack against Paris ... Not very joyful but it is a... [read more]

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Release of 15/04/2008

The two heroes come to Pakistan to retrieve a plane that was diverted there several months earlier (see # 7 album, AMN). Since then, the plane stopped on an air base where he became the focus of a... [read more]

Price: 12.80 € Available


Release of 24/04/2009
La nuit du Caracal.

The pilot of the French Naval Aviation Xavier Mittelberger called "Mittel", and the Pakistan interpreter Sadia, are held  prisoners in the high... [read more]

Price: 36.00 € Available

Aero Detail Series n°32.

Release of 1/01/2010
J.I.A Fighter Kawasaki Ki-100 Goshiki- Sentoki

This first Aero Detail volume published in over five years covers the Type 5 Army Fighter, also known as the Ki-100, or the "Tony." The Type 5, a conversion of the inline-engine Ki-61... [read more]

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Release of 1/12/2010
Serie En Argentina n° 5

New edition fully reworked for the Curtiss fighters in Argentina. It contains new photos and some of the H-75O in colours; colour profiles are also brand new. Very nice and exotic ! [read more]

Price: 39.00 € Bientôt en rupture

IJA & IJN Suicide attackers

Release of 1/05/2011

The Kamikaze bomber gear of the Army and Navy Japanese. This is a most comprehensive volume about all the flying machines developed and used by the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy in the famous... [read more]

Price: 20.50 € Available

Bf 109 G/K vol.II. Reissue !

Release of 1/07/2015
KAGERO - Série Monographie n°22

Reissue ! The second part of the monograph on the Messerschmitt Bf 109 G & K variants concentrates on the operational history of the fighter units operating this type over Europe and North... [read more]

Price: 30.00 € Available

IJN Marshal General ISOROKU YAMAMOTO & his Air Power

Release of 1/12/2011

A photographic book made from the Captain Ikichi Honda's albums. Many never before published photos, i.e. those taken during the invasion of the Philippine islands in 1941-1942 and others... [read more]

Price: 17.00 € Available

Martin B-26 Marauder & Douglas A-26 Invader in Combat over Europe

Release of 4/05/2012

A photo-album showing particular examples of B-26 Marauder and A-26 Invader bombers which took part in air battles over Europe. The 88 page book contains 121 b&w photos, which are captioned in... [read more]

Price: 17.00 € Available

Pfalz - Fighter Aircraft from Rheinland the Wine Country

Release of 2/05/2013
KAGERO - Legends of Aviation N°6007

Fighters made in a Bavarian GmbH Flugzeugwerke factory were the third most common type of fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Army Air Service (Luftstreitkräfte). Although having elegant... [read more]

Price: 16.50 € Available

Boeing 747 JUMBO JET en Argentina

Release of 19/06/2012
Série Aerolineas n°03

The 747 Jumbo has been in service all around the world but this booklet depicts its service in the Argentinian companies, of course with nice and rare photos and fine colour profiles ! [read more]

Price: 22.00 € Available

Junkers Ju 87 D/G - Vol.I.

Release of 3/03/2014

This monograph of the Most Famous dive bomber of World War II Focuses on the design and operations of the late battle marks of the Stuka: the Ju 87D dive bomber and strike aircraft and the Ju 87G... [read more]

Price: 18.00 € Bientôt en rupture


Release of 1/05/2013

Photo album dedicated to the fist versions of the famous US fighter Curtiss P-40. With many factory and in units photos. [read more]

Price: 22.00 € Available

Messerschmitt Me 262 A Schwalbe (2nd edition)

Release of 15/05/2014
MMP - Série Yellow n° BIG002

An illustrated history of the evolution of the most famous World War Two jet fighter aircraft, the Me 262A. All the prototype and production versions are described and illustrated. Profusely... [read more]

Price: 57.00 € Available

Mirage IIIO Colours & Markings (2nd edition)

Release of 1/07/2014
MMP - Série White n°9123

The best and most complete guide to this topic ever produced. Excellent information about this type for an unbeatable price. Superb photographs and colour artwork to attract enthusiasts and casual... [read more]

Price: 29.00 € Available

Model Art Mechanical Guide N°02 - The Messerschmitt Bf 109 E/T.

Release of 20/02/2015

This second volume is dedicated to the Bf 109 E, the standard Luftwaffe fighter in 1939-1940. Profusely illustrated with photos, technical book pages, drawings etc..., it will help the modeller to... [read more]

Price: 10.00 € Available


Release of 4/06/2015
Collection Atlas n° 02

[read more]