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HAWKER - (Hurricane, Fury & Hind) The Yugoslav Story, Operational Record 1931-1941.

Release of 10/01/2020
Author: Aleksandar Ognjevic
ISBN : 978-86-917625-0-6

This book in A4 format, with hard cover, is 196 pages long. It contains more than 50 testimonies, written statements, orders and observations from direct participants of all the parties who took part in the war in April 1941. It also contains an interview totally unknown to the Engineer Kosta Sivčev, who participated in the unprecedented modification of the Hurricane with a Daimler Benz DB601 A engine (project LVT-1), describing the work in great detail. With special technical drawing of the modified plan. The book contains six maps, as well as Annex 10 (Places with geographical coordinates) with the exact GPS coordinates of each place (more than 130) mentioned. Using Appendix 11 (Personal Names), you will quickly find one of the names (over 300) in the book. Beautifully selected photos and documents (in all 257). Exactly 50 color profiles and views that detail VVKJ Hawkerscoloring's lesser known patterns and markings, as well as several unusual and unique modifications made at Zmaj. and Ikarus aircraft factories ...

  • Format : A4
  • Pages number : 196
  • Pictures number : 257
  • Language : English
  • Color profiles : 50
Bientôt en rupture Price: 39.90 €
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