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L'Atlas 2015 des Enjeux Maritimes - PROMO. rest 03 copies then out of...

Release of 10/05/2015
Hors Série LE MARIN

This atlas 2015 of the sea challenges is a unique document made to analyse the importance of the activities generated on the sea, yearly and with the help of figures. It depicst all these... [read more]

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Le Charles de Gaulle en action

Release of 9/05/2014
Marine Éditions

The flagship of the French Navy, Charles de Gaulle is a powerful fighting tool, efficient, flexible and persistent. Since 2002, he has participated in multiple deployments distant and fighter... [read more]

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Release of 2/12/2012
Marines Editions - Monographie.

Foreword by Pierre SCHOENDOERFFER who turned Crab-Drum aboard Jauréguiberry, Escorts Wing is a completely revised new edition of the book published in 1997. It tells the saga of a series of... [read more]

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Le croiseur MONTCALM

Release of 1/09/2012
Marines Editions - Monographie.

The history of the cruiser Montcalm is that of a ship to the exceptional career marked by success. Entered service shortly before the Second World War, the Montcalm has the most impressive record... [read more]

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Les Contre-Torpilleurs de type Aigle

Release of 10/02/2012
Marines Editions - Monographie.

Flagship series of inter-war, against Torpedo "four pipe" marked the beginning of World War II. Among them, the eagle, vulture, Albatros and Gyr, which entered service in 1932, are described for... [read more]

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MERS EL KEBIR. La mémoire de 1940 à nos jours. Réédition.

Release of 3/11/2011
MARINE Éditions

1380 dead, a sunken battleship, two badly damaged, against a destroyer cut in two by a shell Ally yesterday. On 3 July 1940 the French fleet based at Mers el-Kebir is bombarded after an ultimatum... [read more]

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EL KANTARA and Iron Division.

Release of 1/09/2011

History of the 1st Auxiliary Cruisers Division (French Navy). The El kantara was among the line ships requisitionned by the French Navy in September 1939 ; she was included in the 1st Division of... [read more]

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Les Sous-marins de la guerre froide en images

Release of 4/06/2011
Marines Editions - Guerre Froide

In 45 years of cold war, naval assets, and submarines in particular, have made ​​considerable progress. Progress particularly motivated by the escalation of tension between the two blocks from... [read more]

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The submarine cruiser Surcouf.

Release of 10/03/2011

At the end of World War I, France decided to build an important submarine fleet, cheap defensive weapon. Building on the successes of the U-boats, especially those equipped with guns, it plans... [read more]

Price: 25.00 € 16.25 € Available

The Submarine FLORE.

Release of 1/03/2011

The submarine Flore, of the Daphné class, had a very long career in French navy. Due to be scrapped from 1989, it was miraculously kept and exposed after being carefully restored by former... [read more]

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The submarine ARCHIMEDES.

Release of 1/01/2011
Marines Editions - Monographie.

During the World War II, some French submarines, brilliantly controlled by men of worth, were covered in glory by participating in daring operations in difficult circumstances. The Archimede is... [read more]

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Les Contre-torpilleurs de type Guépard.

Release of 1/04/2010
Marines Editions - Monographie.

Symbols of the French fleet entered the war in 1939, the six Cheetah are the first in a series of cons destroyers called "four-pipe". They attended escorts phoney war and distinguished themselves... [read more]

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The French aircraft carrier

Release of 1/11/2008
Marine Éditions

Long before Charles de Gaulle of setbacks and questions on the "second aircraft carrier", these ships were often at the heart of the hassles of the French Navy. Beam, first of all, was obsolete... [read more]

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Les Torpilleurs de 1 500 T du type Bourrasque.

Release of 2/03/2005
Marines Editions - Monographie.

The present work undertakes the study of twelve destroyers of the wafer 1922, Gale, Cyclone, Mistral, Storm, Hurricane, Simoun, Siroco, Storm, Tornado, Tramontana, Whirlwind, and Typhon. Norway,... [read more]

Price: 17.50 € 11.40 € Available

Les Destroyers d'Escorte en France 1944-1972.

Release of 2/05/2003
Marines Editions - Monographie.

To combat the German submarines in the Battle of the Atlantic, American shipyards built between 1942 and 1945 a series of more than 500 units called destroyer escorts (DE). The Navy in early 1944... [read more]

Price: 38.00 € 24.70 € Available

Les Sous-marins Français 1918-1945

Release of 3/02/2002
Marines Editions - Histoire Navale.

It is between the two world wars that France made the greatest effort to acquire a fleet of submarines and high performance. The greatest legends of the "sub-marinade" are derived (Surcouf,... [read more]