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L'Atlas 2015 des Enjeux Maritimes - PROMO. rest 03 copies then out of...

Release of 10/05/2015
Hors Série LE MARIN

This atlas 2015 of the sea challenges is a unique document made to analyse the importance of the activities generated on the sea, yearly and with the help of figures. It depicst all these... [read more]

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Le Charles de Gaulle en action

Release of 9/05/2014
Marine Éditions

The flagship of the French Navy, Charles de Gaulle is a powerful fighting tool, efficient, flexible and persistent. Since 2002, he has participated in multiple deployments distant and fighter... [read more]

Price: 35.00 € 22.75 € Available

EL KANTARA and Iron Division.

Release of 1/09/2011

History of the 1st Auxiliary Cruisers Division (French Navy). The El kantara was among the line ships requisitionned by the French Navy in September 1939 ; she was included in the 1st Division of... [read more]

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Les Sous-marins de la guerre froide en images

Release of 4/06/2011
Marines Editions - Guerre Froide

In 45 years of cold war, naval assets, and submarines in particular, have made ​​considerable progress. Progress particularly motivated by the escalation of tension between the two blocks from... [read more]

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The Submarine FLORE.

Release of 1/03/2011

The submarine Flore, of the Daphné class, had a very long career in French navy. Due to be scrapped from 1989, it was miraculously kept and exposed after being carefully restored by former... [read more]

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Les Destroyers d'Escorte en France 1944-1972.

Release of 2/05/2003
Marines Editions - Monographie.

To combat the German submarines in the Battle of the Atlantic, American shipyards built between 1942 and 1945 a series of more than 500 units called destroyer escorts (DE). The Navy in early 1944... [read more]