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The submarine cruiser Surcouf.

Release of 10/03/2011
Author: Huan Claude

At the end of World War I, France decided to build an important submarine fleet, cheap defensive weapon. Building on the successes of the U-boats, especially those equipped with guns, it plans to build cruisers, submarines armed with two guns of 203 mm. The importance of artillery imposes a heavy tonnage which is the prototype, the Surcouf, the largest submarine in the world at its time. Completion of this particular cruiser poses many technical problems. Always being improved, its development will be slower than expected. At the armistice of 1940, Surcouf was able to go to England where it is reset by the FNFL. After two cruises in Atlantic and its participation in the operation of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, it is sent into the Pacific, but it disappeared en route. This book recalls the concepts, design, construction, testing, cruises, war operations, and to the circumstances of the disappearance of the Surcouf, which never really understood, are illuminated by a new day. (Marines Editions, March 2011, 160 p., pin, 210 x 270 mm)

  • Format : 21x27
  • Pages number : 160
  • Pictures number : 100
  • Language : French
  • Color profiles : 0
Bientôt en rupture Price: 22.75 €
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