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NAVAL MONOGRAPHIES N°01 - The battleship RICHELIEU - Out of print !

Release of 20/02/2013
Author: Divers
Edition: The Naval History magazine 3D


This is the first issue of our new magazine, Naval Monographies. For some time already, the idea was there, but we had still to find a designer able to “play” with the “3 D”. Others preceded us in the kiosks without having us abandon our project. This stubbornness, this obstinacy were rewarded since a few months ago we met and took in our track a young designer of whom you will discover the talent in the following pages !

Maritime History is very rich, even though only the contemporaneous period is considered, from the end of the nineteenth century to the present days. This allows thus to consider numerous topics, national and international. Famous ships, civilian as well as military, are not lacking et the true goal for the editorial staff will be to succeed in finding a thorough documentation so that the designer might put all his talent in your service. So, the program is  very heavy and we shall tell you more in the next issues. Surely, less famous ships but quite as remarkable as far as technology or innovation are concerned, will be taken up and we hope for these issues to be able to rely on your fidelity and moreover on your curiosity. Indeed, what could be more tiresome than to have you not discover anything !

As you can see for yourself, this number (as well as the following numbers) includes a main topic to which we added less voluminous articles dealing with naval aviation and technics. These items will always be linked with the main subject : naval aviation, artillery, war event, record, a vast choice, and there again, the bet will consist in disposing of a sound, very sound documentation. We hope also to satisfy our friends model makers who will be able to take profit, for a modest sum, of a good documentation for their preferred hobby.

Finally, I’ll end in deeply saluting the team work which produced this magazine. There is no doubt that, without the solid knowledge and ideas of everyone, Naval Monographies would never have been created.

Then thanks a lot to the whole team and more especially to Philippe Caresse and Benjamin Druel.
 Michel LEDET. 

NAVAL MONOGRAPHIES 3D - Ships as you've never seen ! ...
84 pages in color with exceptional 3D drawings, rich in old photographs on the history of these buildings legend.
Embark with NAVAL MONOGRAPHIES on these legendary buildings and travel the seven seas of the world ...
Texts in French / English.

In this issue N ° 01:
- Battleship Richelieu.
- The anti-aircraft guns 40 mm BOFORS.
- The Loire 130 seaplane onboard the French Navy.

  • Format : A4
  • Pages number : 80
  • Pictures number : 150
  • Language : French / English
  • Color profiles : 40
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