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Addendum & corrections to the MS 406 book

Release of 10/11/2002

Since our very well received book on the Ms 406 was first published we have naturally found a considerable amount of additional information, both complementary & contradictory, mainly in... [read more]

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Les Torpilleurs d'Escadre du Type le HARDI - 1938-1943.

Release of 1/04/2001
Collection Marines du Monde n°1

The Destroyers of the HARDI Wing Type - 1938-1943. Devoted to the design, development and service history of the "Torpilleurs d'Escadre" of the HARDI class, this book shows general... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € 27.50 € Available

Les Cuirassés de 23 500 Tonnes.

Release of 1/04/2005
Collection Marines du Mondes n°6

This class of ships made the main body of the French Marine Nationale during the inter-war period. These 6 battleships were still in service in 1940. The Bretagne was sadly sunk by the Royal Navy... [read more]

Price: 35.00 € 15.75 € Available

Les Torpilleurs de 600tw du type La MELPOMENE.

Release of 1/02/2004
Collection Marines du Monde n°4

DISCOUNT 50% reserved for individuals ... The Destroyers of the type 600tw the Melpomene. This very comprehensive technical work charts the history of a not very known class of torpedo-boat in... [read more]

Price: 56.00 € 28.00 € Available

Le Corps de bataille de la Marine Allemande. Part 02. Rest 23 copies then out...

Release of 20/02/2009
Navires & Histoire des Marines du Monde n°11

 In this volume devoted to the major units of the German Navy, Philippe Caresse makes a technical and historical presentation of each ship: battleships, battle cruisers, cruisers, protected... [read more]

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Release of 15/03/2012
Navires & Histoire des Marines du Monde n°15.

Designed for use in the colonies, these ships (8 of these were put into service) had a long career, often turbulent, in the Navy from 1931 to the oldest, until the late 50s for the last . Henri... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € 27.50 € Available

Les Croiseurs Français de 10 000tW - Tome 1. SUFFREN & COLBERT.

Release of 10/06/2010
Collection Marine du Monde n° 17

The cruisers of 10,000 tons have been the most emblematic buildings of the revival of the French fleet in the aftermath of the First World War. Indeed, lack of new battleships in the naval... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € 27.50 € Available

Les Croiseurs Français de 10 000tW - Tome 2. FOCH & DUPLEIX.

Release of 19/11/2012
Collection Marine du Monde n° 18

This second volume deals with the last two French cruisers of 10,000 tW FOCH DUPLEIX and before the height of ALGERIA. There is also their characteristics and historical highlights of their... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € 27.50 € Available

Battleship BISMARCK.

Release of 15/06/2012
Collection Marine du Monde n° 19

The Bismarck is undoubtedly one of the most famous battleships of its day . A few years ago , Philippe Caresse we had proposed a superb study of this mighty ship ,... [read more]

Price: 50.00 € 25.00 € Available

L'ALOUETTE III sous l'uniforme.

Release of 7/07/2014

If you ask the man on the street to name an airliner , he will think " Boeing " and " Airbus " for a fighter , he will answer "Mirage " or " Burst "... [read more]

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ALPHA JET. 40 ans, 1973-2013.

Release of 20/11/2014

In France , the Alpha Jet is the " gadget " affectionate nickname given by thousands of pilots of Air Force who for thirty years , use it daily , and perfect form above . It is... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € Available

The P-51 Mustang, a fighter into legend.

Release of 15/12/2014

Although he started his career very discreetly, the Mustang became by the combination of an American cell and a British motor, one of the the best fighters of World War II. This is his story we... [read more]

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Release of 27/05/2016
Collection Profils Avions n°28.

Grégory Almeras is a WW II aviation enthusiast based in the south of France. He has spent the past ten years assembling a collection of photos of the Junkers Ju 52 and writing detailed... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € Available

Lockheed F-104 Starfighter - the controversial story of th 'Zipper'

Release of 10/11/2017

During the Cold War the F-104 Starfighter was the standard NATO supersonic interceptor. Developed and built in the early 1950s by Kelly Johnson’s team at Lockheed, the Starfighter made its... [read more]

Price: 62.00 € Available

La SAGA ETENDARD. Tome 02. Rest 08 copies then out of print !

Web exclusive!
Release of 26/11/2018
Collection Histoire de l'Aviation n°24.

IT IS PUBLISHED !   For nearly forty years, the General Aviation Aviation's Étendard IV has worn French cockades in Naval Aeronautics in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € Available

Les Hydravions de la Luftwaffe. Vol.02. Rest 17 copies then out of print !

Web exclusive!
Release of 21/12/2018
Collection Profils Avions n°16.

Despite their relatively small numbers, the Luftwaffe seaplanes played a very important role during the war. Volume 02 is devoted to Blohm & Voss 138, Ha 139, 222, Dornier 26, Heinkel 114... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € Available

Le Focke-Wulf 200 Condor.

Release of 23/05/2018
Collection Profils Avions n°30

Despite its typical appearance very well known aviation enthusiasts of the Second World War, the Fw 200, militarized civil transport aircraft, remains a little mysterious. Being one of the few... [read more]

Price: 55.00 € Available


Release of 23/05/2018
Collection Profils Avions n°33

The Morane-Saulnier 760 Paris was the first four-seat jet of military, training and business connections, made to 157 copies in France and Argentina. It has been used for 48 years by Argentina,... [read more]

Price: 39.00 € Available

La Stukageschwader 2 'Immelmann'. Tome 01

Release of 30/10/2018
Collection Histoire des Unités n°10.

The second Luftwaffe dive bombing squadron, the St.G. 2, was very quickly referred to as 'Hans-Ulrich Rudel's Unit' as early as 1945. If this aviator marked the squadron of his... [read more]

Price: 38.00 € Available

Le GC III/3 en 1939-1940. Condors et Pirates au combat.

Release of 15/05/2019
Collection Histoire des Unités n°13.

Created in the spring of 1939, the hunting group III / 3 will hardly have the time to train that the declaration of war will make him leave Burgundy to join his field of campaign. A tragedy during... [read more]