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Addendum & corrections to the MS 406 book

Release of 10/11/2002

Since our very well received book on the Ms 406 was first published we have naturally found a considerable amount of additional information, both complementary & contradictory, mainly in... [read more]

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Les Frégates furtives type « La Fayette ».

Release of 13/07/2018
Collection Navires & Histoire du Monde N°31

The five "La Fayette" type frigates are the first stealthy warships. Their appearance, in the mid-nineties, marks the beginning of a new trend in naval aesthetics. These five buildings,... [read more]

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THE EYE OF THE ARMY 7th. The GR 1/35 from September 1939 to June.

Release of 17/12/2013
Collection Histoire des Unités n°02.

The Reconnaissance Group 1/35, attached to the Seventh French Army, was a great unit that served with great distinction during operations against Germany from September 1939 to June 1940. Equipped... [read more]

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L'AÉROSTATION de l'Armée de l'Air - 1934-1946. Les unités,...

Release of 19/06/2019
Collection Histoire de l'Aviation N°40

Few people know that in 1939-1940, 1,000 Air Force airmen took part in war operations against Germany: 49 observation companies were dedicated to large land units on the North and East fronts and... [read more]

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The French Navy during the Great War - The forgotten combattants. Volume 2

Release of 9/12/2017
Navires & Histoire des Marines du Monde n°27

FREE SHIPPING until publication in December, 09 2017! (Offer reserved to private individuals) Although the land army was fully dependent on the maritime front, few works have provided an answer... [read more]

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The French Navy during the Great War - The forgotten combattants. Volume 1

Release of 10/11/2017
Navires & Histoire des Marines du Monde n°23

Although the land army was fully dependent on the maritime front, few works have provided an answer to the question: "What did the French navy do during the war of 14-18?"  The Navy... [read more]

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Le III./Zerstörergeschwader 26 - 1939/1944.

Release of 30/09/2019
Collection Histoire des Unités n°12.

FREE SHIPPING until publication - SEPTEMBER 30! Prefer payment by check or Visa / MasterCard that you will send by post. It will not be cashed until publication. Exclusive at LELA PRESS !... [read more]

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Release of 27/05/2016
Collection Profils Avions n°28.

Grégory Almeras is a WW II aviation enthusiast based in the south of France. He has spent the past ten years assembling a collection of photos of the Junkers Ju 52 and writing detailed... [read more]

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Furies et Crocodiles : Morane au combat dans la Bataille de France. Le GC...

Release of 10/06/2015

The Fighter Group III / 7 was certainly not the unit that won the largest number of wins during the dramatic period from September 1939 to June 1940. However, its pilots and ground staff were... [read more]

Price: 35.00 € 15.75 € Available

Les Torpilleurs de 600tw du type La MELPOMENE.

Release of 1/02/2004
Collection Marines du Monde n°4

DISCOUNT 50% reserved for individuals ... The Destroyers of the type 600tw the Melpomene. This very comprehensive technical work charts the history of a not very known class of torpedo-boat in... [read more]

Price: 36.00 € Available

Le GC 1/55. La dernière garde gouvernementale. 1940.

Release of 29/03/2018
Collection Histoire des Unités n°03.

For the first time is updated the complete history of the 1/55 hunting group in May-June 1940. 200 pages to discover his extraordinary career. The constitution of DAT patrols of Etampes, Tours,... [read more]

Price: 37.00 € 16.65 € Available

Les Torpilleurs d'Escadre du Type le HARDI - 1938-1943.

Release of 1/04/2001
Collection Marines du Monde n°1

The Destroyers of the HARDI Wing Type - 1938-1943. Devoted to the design, development and service history of the "Torpilleurs d'Escadre" of the HARDI class, this book shows general... [read more]

Price: 38.00 € Available

Le GC III/3 en 1939-1940. Condors et Pirates au combat.

Release of 15/05/2019
Collection Histoire des Unités n°13.

Created in the spring of 1939, the hunting group III / 3 will hardly have the time to train that the declaration of war will make him leave Burgundy to join his field of campaign. A tragedy during... [read more]

Price: 39.00 € Available

Le 350 (Belgian) Squadron.

Release of 20/12/2018
Collection Histoire des Unités n°06

Unpublished and for the first time published, discover this extremely interesting subject illustrated by beautiful photos! Created in response to the desire of the Belgian government in exile in... [read more]

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Release of 19/12/2018
Collection Histoire de L'Aviation N°39

In 1908 Neighbor and America the Wright were the only ones to build machines that really flew. In 1910 Voisin was still at the same level as Blériot, REP, Saulnier, and even above. Then... [read more]

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La Stukageschwader 2 'Immelmann'. Tome 01

Release of 30/10/2018
Collection Histoire des Unités n°10.

The second Luftwaffe dive bombing squadron, the St.G. 2, was very quickly referred to as 'Hans-Ulrich Rudel's Unit' as early as 1945. If this aviator marked the squadron of his... [read more]

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La Lehrgeschwader 1, the Griffon Geschwader. Vol.01

Release of 10/11/2017

Lehrgeschwader 1 (Experimental or ‘demonstration’ Bombing Wing 1) was one of the first units established in the new Luftwaffe shortly after 1933.  Primarily equipped with the He... [read more]

Price: 39.00 € Available

Les CUIRASSÉS de la Classe IOWA, Vol.1. Rest 06 copies then out of print !

Release of 4/12/2015
Collection Navires & Histoire du Monde N°24

Class battleships '' Iowa '' had exceptionally long career that marked naval history. They will wear, of course, the flag of an admiral in the Task Groups in the Pacific.... [read more]

Price: 39.00 € 19.50 € Available

La Kampfgeschwader 100. L'Escadre au Drakkar (1938-1944).

Release of 10/06/2015

The KG 100 remains a unit still mysterious although having experienced some "celebrity" in 1943 when sending by the bottom of the Italian battleship "Roma" by means of Hs 293,... [read more]

Price: 42.00 € 21.00 € Available

Les Français dans le Bomber Command, Sept.43/Oct.45. Rest 18 copies then...

Release of 8/06/2010
Collection Histoire de l'Aviation n°26.

This book relates the unknown story of the French heavy bomber groups in the RAF services, from 1943 to 1945 while they were equipment with the famous Halifax. Many unknown material and nice... [read more]