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Addendum & corrections to the MS 406 book

Release of 10/11/2002
Author: Collectif AVIONS

Since our very well received book on the Ms 406 was first published we have naturally found a considerable amount of additional information, both complementary & contradictory, mainly in relation to the type's service in the French Armée de l'Air. This information is primarily down to the research efforts of our friend and editorial assistant Alain Coste, but also originates from numerous letters from readers and former servicemen & pilots. Most concern the type's production log while the rest bring new information to the fighters service career, the units it served with, providing in many instances in-depth information on some of our original photo captions. Each fighter Group is covered with new information here, while we also indicate the date & page number of the original work to which it corresponds. We have also provided some further technical information on the MS.406 omitted from the original work and some additional photos, including fascinating shots of the MS.408 n°10, aircraft about which almost nothing is known, aside from the two pictures in question ; any further info on these machines would indeed be most welcome !

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Available Price: 4.00 €
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