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Price: 31.95 € Available

Battleships of World War II - vol 1.

Release of 30/09/2018
KAGERO - 95006

The idea of creating such an album dedicated to the battleships of World War Two had been born in the last dozen or so years. During this period, various concepts appeared in print, which were... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The German Armoured Cruiser SMS Blücher.

Release of 24/09/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16065

The SMS Blücher was the last armoured cruiser built by the German Empire. She was constructed to counter the new armoured cruisers rumoured as being built by the British. Blücher was... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

Aircraft Carrier USS Lexington 1935.

Release of 3/08/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16064

This monography let us discover the US fleet carrier USS Lexington (Saratoga sister-ship) in her 1935 state. The many drawings show the big ship in detail. Do not miss this book if you want to... [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

New Orleans-class Cruiser USS Astoria

Release of 4/07/2018
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7058

USS Astoria was a cruiser of the New Orleans-class, built at the Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Washington. Her keel was laid down on September 1, 1930. She was launched on December 16, 1933,... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Greek Armored Cruiser Georgios Averof 1911-1913

Release of 4/07/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16063

Georgios Averof (Θ/Κ Γε?ργιος Αβ?ρωφ) is a Pisa class armored cruiser of the pre-dreadnought era. The ship was the... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Italian Battleship Littorio

Release of 4/07/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16062

Littorio was one of the three Italian Littorio class battleships operating during the Second World War, belonging to the Italian “Regia Marina”. Littorio (Lictor), in ancient times,... [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Bientôt en rupture

The Cruiser Moskva

Release of 4/06/2018
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7055

20 pages,3 color profiles,17 sheet with modeling plans, 2 double-sided A2 sheet with modeling plans. The work on the design of future long-range active anti-aircraft and anti-submarine ship – as... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Japanese Destroyer Fubuki

Release of 4/06/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16061

166 renders. Double-sided A2 sheet with modeling plans. The Japanese Fubuki class boasted twenty-four units and was the world’s first modern and powerful destroyer class. Her lead ship was the... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Type XXI U-Boat

Release of 9/05/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16060

Very nice 3D drawings of the most technically advanced German submarine in WW2 ! [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Russian Battleship Marat

Release of 7/05/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16059

Series of 3D drawings of the famous Soviet battleship which was destroyed by Stukas of St.G. 2 in September 1941. 1/350 scale drawings are also included. [read more]

Price: 15.50 € Available

Naval Archives vol. 09 - RADETZKY-CLASS.

Release of 7/05/2018

In this N ° 09: - RADETZKY-CALSS - Forgotten Batleships of the Forgotten Navy. - Three Embidiments of the "Seydlitz". - U-481 in the Gulf of Finland. - Italian Battleships in... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Bientôt en rupture

Japanese Cruiser Maya

Release of 7/04/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16058

Following the defeat in the Guadalcanal campaign, at the beginning of 1943, the Navy Technical Department and The High Command of the Imperial Japanese Navy strived to increase the defensive... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

Japanese Destroyer Shimakaze

Release of 6/04/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16057

The Imperial Naval Staff demanded the development of a destroyer project with owerful weaponry and capable of reaching speed of 40 knots. The project was approved and marked with the symbol... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

Schnellboot Type S-38 and S-100

Release of 6/03/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16056

This N ° 16056 from the Super Drawings collection 3D is dedicated to the Schnellboot Type S-38 and S-100. On 80 pages, gathering 152 3D drawings. [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The German Destroyer Z 37

Release of 10/01/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16055

This booklet gives all the details about the famous German Kriegsmarine destroyer Z37 (7 built) thanks numerous 3D drawings. With extra sheet of 1/200 scale drawings. [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

Battleship HMS Royal Oak

Release of 10/01/2018
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7049

Series of 1/350 scale drawings of the famous Royal Navy battledship sunk at Scapa Flow by the U-47 in 1939. [read more]

Price: 15.50 € Available

Naval Archives vol. 08

Release of 10/01/2018

In summary : - "Elisabethan" cruiser. An extraordinary story of British cruisers. - "Leipzig" - The Third Reich's Cruiser. - The Fulmar Fairey. - The Carrier... [read more]

Price: 29.00 € Bientôt en rupture

The Japanese Battleship ISE.

Release of 1/12/2017
KAGERO - 3D N°16054

Ise (whose name comes from an ancient Japanese province on Honshu, now part of Mie Prefecture) was the lead ship of the two-vessel Ise-class battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, which saw... [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

The Battleship Massachusetts

Release of 10/10/2017
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7046

Booklet containing plans and line detail views of battleship USS MASSACHUSETTS; 23 pages at 1 / 200e, 8 pages A2 at 1 / 400e & 1 / 200e. [read more]

Price: 15.00 € Available

Naval Archives vol. 07

Release of 10/10/2017

In this issue n ° 7: - HMS WARSPITE. - The Grumman Avenger. - The U-387 in the New Land. - The last Classic Destroyers. - Russian Navy ( Voyenno-Morskoy Flot) in the 21st Century. [read more]