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Price: 18.25 € Available

The Battleship HMS Duke of York

Release of 1/06/2014

Booklet made of 1/350 and 1/200 scale drawings of the famous british battleship which took part in the destruction of the German Scharnhorst. Very nice ! [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Heavy Cruiser Lützow

Release of 1/09/2014

The text part of this book describes technical specifications of the ship and her operational history in detail. This is accompanied by more than 100 color illustrations showing Lutzow's... [read more]

Price: 17.25 € Available

The Battleship USS Missouri

Release of 1/12/2014
KAGERO - TopDrawings n° 7020

• 32 pages • 29 drawings sheets  A4 • color profiles • 5 double B2 sheet with drawings sheets and colour scheme, scales 1:100, 1:200, 1:250, • format (sizes):... [read more]

Price: 17.25 € Available

The Battleship Haruna

Release of 10/12/2014
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7021

• 24 pages • 22 drawings sheets  A4 • color profiles • 3 double B2 sheet with drawings sheets and colour scheme • format (sizes): (210x297 mm) • booklet binding [read more]

Price: 32.00 € Available

Kaga 1920 - 1942. The Japanese Aircraft Carrier.

Release of 19/01/2015
KEGERO N°95001

The career of Kaga, which started on the drawing boards of the design bureau as a battleship had capacity for swift development. The first studies on the preliminary design began in 1917 and... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The German Cruiser Admiral Hipper.

Release of 15/01/2015

New booklet dedicated to one of the most powerful heavy cruisers of WW2, the German Admiral Hipper. The 3D renderings are very good and detailed as usual. Line scale drawings (1/350) included. [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

Protected cruiser Varyag. Reissue.

Release of 10/02/2015

Publication contains: 54 sites, 84 renders, double sheet A2 with the plans, double insert plan A3 with the plan Format: A4 (210x297 mm) Binding: soft, sewn. [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Bientôt en rupture

The Japanese Battleship Fuso 1944

Release of 10/10/2016
KAGERO - 3D N°16048

Battleship Fuso, sister-ship to battleship Yamashiro, was built before the WW1. It underwent numerous modernizations during its quite long service. This booklet describes the ship through numerous... [read more]

Price: 35.00 € Available

Japanese Battleships 1905 - 1942

Release of 10/10/2016
kAGERO Hardcover Series 03

A nice book describing the history of the IJN battleships but also their development, conception, the trnasformations etc... Widely illustrated with nice photos and drawings, this book is a must... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Battleship Vittorio Veneto

Release of 28/10/2016
KAGERO - 3D N°16049

This booklet describes the famous Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto (Littorio-class) thanks numerous 3D colour views. Includes 1/350 scale drawings. [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

The German Battleship Gneisenau

Release of 28/10/2016
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7040

Booklet depicting the line scale drawings and detail views of the German battlecruiser Gneisenau. For the modellers ! [read more]

Price: 27.95 € Rupture, en attente de réapprovisionnement

The Japanese Battleship Yamato

Release of 5/12/2016
KAGERO - 3D N°16050

Yamato battleship was the lead ship of the Yamato class of Imperial Japanese Navy during the Second World War. Named after the ancient Japanese Yamato Province, on the Kii peninsula, she was the... [read more]

Price: 15.50 € Available

Naval Archives vol. 03

Release of 5/12/2016

SUMMARY : - The most unusual cruisers of the 20th century. - ORP Conrad. - OCHAKOV - an old symbol of a new Cold War ?! - ARRIBA ! Flying Harriers for 40 years. - 49 archive photos - 15 color... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Bientôt en rupture

The Japanese Battleship NAGATO

Release of 16/01/2017
KAGERO - 3D N°16051

 This is a series of 3D drawings describing in details the famous IJN battleship Nagato. - 80 pages - 124 renders - Double sheet B2 with scale drawings - Matte coated paper - Format (sizes):... [read more]

Price: 31.95 € Available

Battleships of World War II - vol 1.

Release of 30/09/2018
KAGERO - 95006

The idea of creating such an album dedicated to the battleships of World War Two had been born in the last dozen or so years. During this period, various concepts appeared in print, which were... [read more]

Price: 19.00 € Available

The Japanese destroyer Shimakaze

Release of 13/11/2018
KAGERO - TopDrawing n° 7062

- 24 pages - drawings sheets A4 - drawings sheet A2 - Matte coated paper - Format (sizes): A4 (210x297 mm) - Booklet binding [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Available

The Russian Destroyer Spravedlivyy - 1956.

Release of 13/11/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16067

The destroyer Spravedlivyy was constructed in the Severniy Sudostroitelniy Zavod imeni A.A. Zhdanova (Shipyard No. 190) in 1954–1956 as one of 27 Project 56 destroyers, also known as the... [read more]

Price: 15.50 € Available

Naval Archives vol. 10 - Super-destroyers of the Sovremenny Type.

Release of 11/01/2019
KAGERO - Naval Archines N°10

A very interesting issue which main part is dedicated to the submarines in 2 articles : The AG type submarines in the Russian and Soviet navies and the Italian submarines in the Red Sea 1940-1941.... [read more]

Price: 31.95 € Available

Hunt-class Destroyers In Polish Navy Service

Release of 10/12/2018

A very exotic and interesting book indded whiwh deals with the untold story of the British Hunt-class destroyers transfered to the Polish navy in exile during WW2. Very detailed text, with many... [read more]

Price: 29.95 € Rupture, en attente de réapprovisionnement

The Japanese Destroyer Suzutsuki

Release of 10/12/2018
KAGERO - 3D N°16068

This new booklet describes with manu colour 3D renders the IJN destroyer Suzutsuki. 12 units of this class could be terminated before the end of the war. The Suzutsuki escorted the giant... [read more]