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LE VLR DELAHAYE : 1946-1980

Release of 1/02/2014
Author: Patrick Wagner
ISBN : 978-2-35250-289-0

"The VLR will carry staff and equipment, possess ability to easily turn back on the road and double columns, roll without heating in said column cumbersome and slow, possibly in plowed field and to have, finally, the possibility of be armed with a light machine gun swivel. "The characteristics hoped by the French army a few months after the end of World War II in France to produce an alternative to américaine.Delahaye jeep, family company, known for its luxury cars or vehicles of fire will meet the challenge. Patrick Wagner tells here the story of three decades of one that will be much more than "the French jeep" .A great chapter illustrated by photos and drawings ALL the constituent parts of the vehicle, thus facilitating the rehabilitation of collected VLR

  • Format : 23X30
  • Pages number : 192
  • Pictures number : 500
  • Language : French
  • Color profiles :
Bientôt en rupture Price: 44.95 €
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