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Release of 1/07/2015
Author: Joseph Balkoski
ISBN : 978-2-35250-415-3

The landing and the American airborne operations in Normandy.

If the operations on the other American Beach, Omaha Beach, have always attracted the attention of historians and the public, this is not the case of the landing at the base of the Cotentin Peninsula, more than 25 kilometers.

Decided at the very beginning in 1944 at the insistence of Montgomery to give more breadth to Operation Overlord, the landing on Utah Beach has not been less complex, mainly because it was accompanied by a gigantic storm airborne in the inland. After work that made history on Omaha Beach, the author details the ins and outs of landing on Utah Beach, which are presented for the first time to the French public.

Joseph Balkoski, official historian of the Maryland National Guard, is also the author of Omaha Beach and 29th DA in Normandy.

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Available Price: 24.00 €
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