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The JG 5 was an unsual unit in the Luftwaffe which fought in the Northern part of Europ and used many types of aircraft such as the Bf 109 T, a carrier-borne version of the famous fighter developed for the never finished Graf Zeppelin. Eric Mombeek is a well known Luftwaffe historian and he has just published the second volume of his saga about the JG 5, depicting the history of the fighter units. It follows the volume 1 dedicated to the assault and Zerstörer units. A German language rare edition for the Luftwaffe specialists !

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Price: 29.90 € Available

JG 5 - Special Album : 1940-1945

Release of 4/03/2019
Special Luftwaffe Gallery 04

 Nothing predestined these young men to one day encounter the grandiose landscapes of Norway or Lapland, as well as their hostile climates. Who would have predicted that so many of them would... [read more]

Price: 49.90 € Available

Histoire de la JG 2 Richthofen, Vol. 05. 1944.

Release of 3/03/2019
Dans le ciel de France.

Volume 5 of the JG 2 "Richthofen" offers 200 pages in A4 format and covers the year 1944. It is articulated as follows: - 1 - Chapter 24 - The I./JG 2 finds the Mediterranean. - 2 - Chapter 25 -... [read more]