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Tamon Yamaguchi. -30%

Release of 1/01/2015

This booklet is dedicated to the famous Japanese admiral Tamon Yamaguchi who was at the head of the 2nd Carrier Division from 1940 to his death at Midway in 1942 on board his flagship Hiryu. in... [read more]

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H.M.S. GLOUCESTER, The Untold Story. -35%

Release of 1/08/2007
SEAFORTH Collection

On 22 May 1941 the cruiser HMS Gloucester was sunk by aircraft of the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Crete. Of her crew of 807 men, only 83 survived to come home at the end of the War in 1945. The... [read more]

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N°37 - 3D CG Battle of IJN vs US Battleships 1942. -40%

Web exclusive!
Release of 1/07/2007
FUTABASHA n°47930 (37)

A collection of works in which image is in 3D. There are computer simulations between the best of the Imperial Japanese Navy against the best in the US Navy during World War II. Great! [read more]

Price: 26.00 € 15.60 € Available

Warship of the World -40%

Release of 5/03/2007
BunrinDo Special Bateaux n°19-146.

Special issue by reviewing the differet types of ships of the world separated but still mainly American, and their use , all through very well done diagrams and color.... [read more]