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AIR MODEL Special n° 05 - 30%

Release of 2/05/2014

This n° 5 is mainly dedicated to the kits of the famous Zero carrier fighter in its first versions and also the A6M2-N seaplane and the A6M2-K trainer. The kits are gorgeous as usual in this... [read more]

Price: 29.00 € 17.40 € Bientôt en rupture

N°57 - 3D CG Battle of Midway. -40%

Release of 16/02/2012
FUTABASHA N°45268 (57)

The documentation about the famous Battle of Midway being quite scarse, no doubt you will enjoy being taken deep into this 3D booklet which details the aircrafts and the ships used both by the US... [read more]

Price: 25.00 € 15.00 € Bientôt en rupture

Bomb Alley - Falkand Island 1982. -40%

Release of 1/06/2007
SEAFORTH Collection

This is the untold story of the Falklands War as experienced by a below-decks seaman on one of the most important ships to be despatched to the South Atlantic. It is a no-holds-barred account as... [read more]