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ISRADECAL specialize in Israel Air Force History. They produce very accurate publications, widely illustrated which are among the best publications for the modeler and the historian. And what to say of the subject itself, which is so interesting !

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F-16C/D 'Barak' in IAF Service (-30%)

Release of 1/11/2012

This album is entirely dedicated to the service of the versions C and D of the F-16 in Israel. The texte is just enough and you will discover this plane through many photos gathered here. There... [read more]

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F-16A/B 'Netz' 1980-1987 (-30%)

Release of 1/11/2012
Israeli Air Force, Knights of the North Squadron 1980-1987

Second booklet in the series "The IAF in Focus", it depicts the service of this fighter with the "Knights of the North" squadron. Many photos, plenty of details make this very... [read more]

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AH-1 Tzefa in IAF service. (-30%)

Release of 1/07/2011
Aircraft in detail n° 7

The redoubtable Cobra helicopter found its way to Israel. This is its story in aviation of this country that we discover in this very detailed book. It will satisfy model makers with incredible... [read more]

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AH-64A/D Peten and Saraf in IAF service (-30%)

Release of 15/01/2011
Aircraft in Detail n° 6

The Apache helicopter in Israel. A great job about this mythic helicopter in service in Israel. The text is concise but relatively complete. The photographic aspect is the main asset of... [read more]

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F-16A/B NETZ. 1979-1986. (-30%)

Release of 1/06/2010
Aircraft of the Israeli Air Force n° 1

Israeli AF The First Jet Squadron 1979-1986. First of a series of works devoted to a type of aircraft used (or still in service) in the Israeli Air Force. This one tells the story of the F-16.... [read more]

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Dassault Ouragan (-30%)

Release of 1/05/2009
Aircraft of the Israel Air Force n° 7

A book that will interest many French readers, no doubt. This unit was the first jet fighter from Dassault. He took part in many battles and had a long career in Israel. Superb! [read more]

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F-4E Phantom Kurnas in IAF service, part 1 (-30%)

Release of 1/08/2008
Aircraft in Detail n° 4

The Phantom is more present and its activities in Israel during the wars against Arab neighbors, is memorable. It is essentially a book for model makers, with a large number of pictures and a... [read more]

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101 Israeli Air Force First Fighter Squadron (-30%)

Release of 1/12/2007
Legendary Squadrons of the Israeli Air Force N°1

First of a new series devoted to the squadrons of the IAF, this book is logically devoted to the oldest fighter units. Many unpublished photos of Avia S-199, Spitfire, Mustang or Mystere IV,... [read more]