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The Allied Armoured Units in the Southeastern Europe during the WWII.

Release of 30/11/2016

The success of the previous book on the Axis ar­mour in the Southeastern Europe, in the respected series, entitlled the Croatian History, published by Zagreb-based Despot Infinitus publishing... [read more]

Price: 49.00 € Available

THE USTASHA ARMY 1941 - 1945

Release of 1/01/2016

Photo album - The armed forces of the Ustasha movement in the Independent State of Croatia 1941 - 1945 I have always appreciated photography as a valuable historical source and an excellent... [read more]

Price: 45.00 € Available

Armoured Units of the Axis Forces in Southeastern Europe in WWII

Release of 1/01/2015

The South-eastren Europe (or occupied Yugoslavia) was important participant of the Second World War, since it covers most of the Balkans. During the war, occupied Yugoslav territories have... [read more]