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Loyalty Scheme

MUCH BETTER FOR YOU... We repay your loyalty with lower prices!

What are Loyalty Points exactly ?

You earn points for purchases made on www.avions-bateaux.com

10 euros spent = 1 point = 1 euro offered

Accumulate points and automatically receive a discount voucher of € 20.00 after spending € 200 (equivalent to 20 points earned).

Membership of our loyalty program is conferred automatically upon confirmation of your first order under this scheme on our website : Avions-Bateaux.com

How does it work?

It is very simple. Whenever you place an order your account is automatically credited with Loyalty Points.

What is the value of the loyalty points that I earn?

Each point earned has an equivalent value of 1 euro.

How do I work out how many loyalty points I have earned?

Every product purchased has an equivalent value in points earned. This index is calculated by our computer database for every 10 euros spent. For example: if your order value is 57 euros (excluding postage), your account is credited with 5 points, thus 5 euros.

How do I find out the balance of my loyalty points account?

It will be indicated at the bottom left of your last invoice and you can ask us at any time by email at contact@avions-bateaux.com or by phone (

How do I use my Loyalty Points balance?

Your account has earned 20 Points! Then we unlock your kitty and you will automatically receive a PROMO CODE.
You have not yet achieved your 20 points. Your kitty is valid for one year from the date of your last confirmed order. You will receive an automatic alert one month before the due date. If you do not use your points balance, it will be lost.

Can I pay all of my order with my Loyalty Points?

Yes, if you wish, up to the amount of your balance.

Do all the products on your site earn Loyalty Points?

Postage and subscriptions are not credited with Loyalty Points.

Is there a balance limit to my Loyalty account?

The more you order, the more your balance increases. There is no limit.

How long are my Loyalty Points valid for?

Your balance is valid for one year from your last confirmed order. You will receive an automatic alert one month before this date is due. If you do not use your balance, it will be reset to zero after this time. So do not forget to use your balance where possible before the year is up.

What do I do if I have a query?

In the case of a claim on your Loyalty Points balance, the last invoice up to the date of the claim on the website avions-bateaux.com indicating the number of points will prevail. No claim will be admissible more one month after dispatch of the last email or letter stating the number of points accumulated. All complaints must be confirmed by letter to the company LELA PRESS - Les Farges, 15 rue des Ligures - 87110 Le VIGEN - FR, or by e-mail at contact@avions-bateaux.com
Points can be redeemed when the required number of loyalty points has been accumulated. Points earned cannot be exchanged nor redeemed for cash nor compensated for in any other way.

Our Loyalty Scheme is only valid for individuals ordering via our website www.avions-bateaux.com

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